Jasmine Jobson Biography: Husband, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Siblings, Wiki, Movies, TV Shows

Jasmine Jobson Biography: Husband, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Siblings, Wiki, Movies, TV Shows

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Jasmine Jobson (born May 9, 1995) is a talented English actress and captivating presence on both the screen and stage. She is widely acclaimed for her compelling portrayal of Jaq in the thrilling Netflix crime drama series Top Boy (2019–present) and her captivating performance as Lily in the thought-provoking psychological thriller film Surge (2020).

But Jasmine Jobson‘s artistic prowess extends beyond acting. She is also a talented writer and poet whose words have found their way onto the pages of esteemed poetry publications. From the illustrious Roundhouse Poetry Slam to the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival, she has captivated audiences with her eloquence and lyrical mastery.

In her written works, Jasmine Jobson delves into the intricate tapestry of identity, fearlessly exploring themes of race, gender, and the complex nuances of the human experience. Her poetry resonates with raw honesty and evocative imagery, shedding light on the multifaceted layers of her journey as a mixed-race woman in the vibrant tapestry of the UK.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Jasmine Jobson
Born: 9 May 1995 (age 28 years old)
Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom
Education: N/A
Nationality: British
Height: 1.62 m
Parents: Adrian Jobson, Maryam Egal
Siblings: Keisha Jobson
Spouse: Not Married
Boyfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Occupation: Actress • TV Personality
Net Worth: $1 million

Early Life & Education

Jasmine Jobson, a radiant star born in Hayes, West London, England, graced the world on May 9, 1995. Her lineage, a harmonious fusion of Irish and Greek-Cypriot heritage from her beloved mother and the rhythmic melodies of her Jamaican ancestry from her revered father, painted a vivid portrait of her diverse origins. Adrian Jobson and Maryam Egal, two pillars of love and guidance, proudly claimed the titles of Jasmine‘s doting parents, while her younger sister, Keisha Jobson, became her cherished companion on the tapestry of life.

From a tender age, Jasmine Jobson‘s captivating talent for singing sprouted like a delicate blossom in spring. At the age of six, her astute mother recognized this melodic gift and enrolled her in the nurturing embrace of the Paddington Arts Youth Arts organization. It was within these hallowed halls that Jasmine‘s skills flourished as she honed her craft while also gracing the stage in captivating plays and short films, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who witnessed her artistry.

Yet, behind her radiant smile, Jasmine Jobson carried the weight of a challenging childhood. At the tender age of thirteen, she embarked on an unforeseen journey, as the currents of life led her away from her mother’s care and into the realm of foster care. This transformative experience became a crucible, a defining moment in Jasmine‘s life where she discovered her resilience and grew into the remarkable individual she is today.

Following her path beyond the confines of foster care, Jasmine Jobson found solace and empowerment at the Big House Theatre Company, a sanctuary that nurtures young care leavers and ex-prisoners, equipping them with independence and theatrical skills. It was within this transformative 12-week program that Jasmine‘s artistic spirit flourished. Serendipity played its part as renowned poet Lemn Sissay visited the company, bestowing Jasmine a treasure trove of Malorie Blackman‘s literary marvels, including the captivating Noughts & Crosses series. This encounter ignited an unquenchable fire within Jasmine, compelling her to embark on acting, breathing life into characters and narratives that resonated with her soul.

With her GCSEs behind her, Jasmine Jobson‘s footsteps led her back to the tender embrace of the Big House Theatre Company, where her artistic growth continued to blossom. The 12-week program became a crucible of independence, further moulding Jasmine into a resilient artist ready to take on the world. During this time, fate intervened, as the illustrious poet Lemn Sissay graced her presence once again, bearing gifts of literary enchantment that deepened her connection to the transformative power of storytelling.


Jasmine Jobson‘s artistic journey commenced in 2011, as she gracefully stepped into acting with the captivating short film The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey. Since then, she has delicately woven her talent into the fabric of various short films and television shows, leaving an undeniable impression on the hearts of audiences. 

Noteworthy among her credits are the mesmerizing works Lie Low (2019) and The Trial of Christine Keeler (2019), where Jasmine Jobson‘s magnetic presence breathed life into the characters she portrayed, earning both critical acclaim and the admiration of viewers.

In a stroke of fate, Jasmine Jobson embodied the enigmatic character Jaq in the highly acclaimed third season of Netflix’s Top Boy in 2019. As the series unfolded its enthralling narrative, Jobson‘s performance captivated audiences, infusing Jaq with depth and authenticity. 

Critics showered her with praise, recognizing her ability to command the screen. Her remarkable portrayal earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series at the esteemed British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards, solidifying her position as a rising star.

The year 2020 marked another milestone in Jasmine Jobson‘s career as she graced the silver screen in the thought-provoking film Surge. Under the expert direction of Aneil Karia, the film debuted at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, where Jobson‘s performance resonated with audiences. Critics lauded her ability to convey raw emotion and vulnerability on-screen, earning her a nomination for Best Actress at the esteemed British Independent Film Awards.

Awards & Nominations

Jasmine Jobson is an English actress who was nominated for one award and won one award.


2020 British Academy Television Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Jaq in Top Boy


2019 Movie and Video Awards (MVISA) for Best Emerging Talent for her role as Jaq in Top Boy

Social Media

  • Instagram: @jasminejobson
  • Twitter: @jobson_jasmine
  • TikTok: @official_jasminejobson

Personal Life

In her teens, Jasmine Jobson had a difficult time. She was in and out of foster care and struggled with mental health issues. However, she found solace in acting and eventually turned her life around.

Jasmine Jobson is single, not married and has no child.


TV Shows

  • Suspects (2016) – Kia Hopkins (1 episode)
  • La Trêve (2017) – Anya
  • Five by Five (2017) – Anya
  • Dark Heart (2018) – Sally Watkins (3 episodes)
  • Top Boy (2019-2022) – Jaq
  • Platform 7 (2023) – Nadia


  • Flea (2014) – Girl
  • A Generation of Vipers (2014) – Girl
  • The King (2014) – Girl
  • Obey (2018) – Leah
  • Surge (2020) – Lily

Net Worth

Jasmine Jobson is a British actress with an estimated net worth of $1 million. She is best known for her roles in the Netflix series Top Boy and the film Surge.

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