Lucky Daye Biography: Wife, Age, Songs, Net Worth, Height, Albums, Kids, Concert

Lucky Daye Biography: Wife, Age, Songs, Net Worth, Height, Albums, Kids, Concert

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David Debrandon Brown (born September 25, 1985), known as Lucky Daye, is a creative American singer and songwriter. His remarkable ability to weave melodic tapestries and soul-stirring pen lyrics has earned him widespread acclaim within the industry.

Before his solo breakthrough, Lucky Daye showcased his songwriting prowess by crafting heartfelt compositions for esteemed artists like Keith SweatNe-Yo, and Boyz II Men. This early experience allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the power of storytelling through music.

In 2018, Lucky Daye unveiled his debut EP, titled “I,” which instantly caught the attention of music lovers and critics alike. The EP showcased his innate talent for crafting enchanting melodies and emotive narratives, establishing him as a rising star in R&B.

Building on the success of his EP, Lucky Daye released his debut album, Painted, in 2019. This exquisite musical masterpiece further solidified his position in the industry, earning him a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Album. With its rich soundscapes and introspective lyrics, Painted demonstrated Lucky Daye‘s ability to evoke deep emotions and connect with listeners profoundly.

Continuing to push artistic boundaries, Lucky Daye released his second album, Candydrip, in 2022. This captivating project showcased his growth as an artist and presented a progressive and innovative take on R&B music. The album’s bold experimentation and fearless exploration of new sounds earned Lucky Daye a well-deserved Grammy Award for Best Progressive R&B Album.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: David Debrandon Brown
Stage Name: Lucky Daye
Born: 25 September 1985 (age 38 years old)
Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Education: John Ehret High School
Nationality: American
Height: 1.83 m
Parents: N/A
Siblings: 4
Spouse: Not Married
Girlfriend • Partner: Ashley Lasseter (2009)
Children: Kaydence Brow
Occupation: Singer • Songwriter
Net Worth: $900,000

Early Life & Education

Lucky Daye was born on September 25, 1985, in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana. He is an exceptional artist whose musical journey has been shaped by his upbringing. Surrounded by the harmonious melodies of his mother’s enchanting voice and his father’s rhythmic drumming, Lucky Daye‘s passion for music was ignited from a tender age. With an American nationality and African-American heritage, he proudly embraces his cultural roots.

Growing up alongside his four brothers, Lucky Daye‘s home was a symphony of musicality, where the love for sound permeated every corner. During his formative years, his voice emerged, carrying with it a natural charm and an undeniable talent that left listeners mesmerized.

Finding solace in the church, Lucky Daye‘s soul resonated with the powerful gospel melodies reverberating through the sacred halls. However, as he matured, his musical exploration extended beyond the confines of religious boundaries. The allure of R&B and soul captivated his senses, compelling him to craft his own lyrical narratives that seamlessly blended elements of these genres with his gospel roots.

Educated at John Ehret High School in Marrero, Louisiana, Lucky Daye‘s creative spirit flourished. While some may have pursued higher education, his passion for music led him on a different path. Relocating to the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, he embarked on a journey to establish himself as a musician, fully embracing the artistic freedom that awaited him.


Lucky Daye, a gifted American singer, and songwriter, has risen to prominence with his soulful melodies and poignant lyrics. Born in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana, his musical journey is a testament to his passion and resilience.

From a young age, Lucky Daye found solace in music. Inspired by his mother’s captivating voice and his father’s rhythmic beats, he discovered his own artistic calling. His talent shone brightly during his auditions for American Idol‘s fourth season in 2005, where he made it to the top 20 before being eliminated. Despite this setback, his determination remained unyielding, fueling his pursuit of a career in the music industry.

After parting ways with the competition, Lucky Daye honed his songwriting skills and collaborated with renowned artists such as Keith SweatNe-Yo, and Boyz II Men. These experiences allowed him to refine his craft and lay the foundation for his musical endeavors.

In 2018, Lucky Daye unveiled his debut EP, I, which garnered widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike. This stunning collection of songs showcased his versatility and artistry, blending elements of R&B, soul, and contemporary sounds. The EP’s success propelled him into the spotlight and solidified his status as an emerging star in the industry.

The following year, Lucky Daye released his debut album, Painted, further showcasing his profound talent. The album’s emotive tracks resonated with listeners, earning him a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Album and solidifying his place among the genre’s stars.

In 2022, Lucky Daye‘s musical journey continued with the release of his sophomore album, Candydrip. This beautiful body of work pushed the boundaries of his sound, captivating audiences with its evocative melodies and introspective lyrics. The album’s innovative approach earned him a Grammy Award for Best Progressive R&B Album, a testament to his artistic growth and vision.

Lucky Daye‘s music transcends traditional boundaries, fusing elements of R&B, soul, and neo-soul into a distinctive sound that captivates listeners. His smooth vocals and emotional depth have drawn comparisons to iconic artists such as Marvin GayeMaxwell, and D’Angelo. Through his heartfelt compositions, Lucky Daye touches the hearts and souls of his audience, forging a deep connection that resonates long after the music fades.

Awards & Nominations

Grammy Awards

  • Winner: Best Progressive R&B Album (Table for Two, 2022)
  • Nominee: Best R&B Album (Painted, 2020)
  • Nominee: Best Traditional R&B Performance (“How Much Can a Heart Take,” 2023)
  • Nominee: Best R&B Song (“Over”, 2023)
  • Nominee: Album of the Year (Renaissance, 2023)

American Music Awards

  • Nominee: Favorite Male Artist Soul/R&B (2023)

Social Media

  • Twitter: @iamluckydaye
  • Instagram: @iamluckydaye
  • Facebook: Lucky Daye
  • YouTube: Lucky Daye
  • TikTok: @iamluckydaye
  • Spotify: Lucky Daye
  • Apple Music: Lucky Daye
  • Tidal: Lucky Daye
  • Amazon Music: Lucky Daye

Personal Life

Lucky Daye is a private person who does not share much about his life. He is not married and does not have any children. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

In 2009, Lucky Daye welcomed his daughter named, Kaydence Brown, with his girlfriend Ashley Lasseter, an TV personality known for her appearance on College Hill: AtlantaLucky Daye has no married wife.



  • I (2018)
  • II (2019)
  • Table for Two (2020)

Studio Albums

  • Painted (2019)
  • Candydrip (2022)


  • Roll Some Mo (2019)
  • Over (2022)
  • Try Your Fire (2022)

Net Worth

Lucky Daye is an American singer-songwriter with a net worth of $900,000. He has released three studio albums, MOOD Valiant (2018), II (2020), and Table for Two (2022). 

His music has been praised by critics and fans alike, and he has been nominated for four Grammy Awards. Lucky Daye makes most of his money from music sales and streams, live gigs, and endorsements. He is a rising star in the R&B and soul genres, and his net worth is expected to grow.

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