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Tracy Marrow Jr (born November 23, 1991) is a remarkably gifted American record producer and musician who emerges as a shining star in the vast cosmos of the music industry. 

Widely recognized as the offspring of the legendary rapper, songwriter, actor, and producer Ice-T, his journey began amidst the bustling streets of New Jersey and unfolded against the vibrant backdrop of sunny Los Angeles, California.

Immersing himself in the melodious realm, Tracy‘s melodic odyssey took flight, propelled by his innate talents and unyielding passion. In the labyrinthine world of sound engineering and production, he skillfully weaved his sonic tapestries, collaborating with an eclectic array of artists, including the maestro and his father. Behind the scenes, his artistry blossomed as he sculpted symphonies of sound that enraptured hearts and stirred souls.

Beyond the harmonious domain, Tracy Marrow Jr‘s artistic virtuosity extended its tendrils into television and cinema. As a producer on the illustrious tapestry of reality television, Hip Hop Squares, he intricately wove narratives that captivated audiences with their palpable authenticity and electrifying energy.

With each step he takes, Tracy Marrow Jr weaves together the threads of his familial heritage with the tapestry of his creative spirit. His celestial pursuits echo the reverberations of his iconic father’s legacy while he carves his own constellation of innovation and individuality. 

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Tracy Marrow Jr
Stage Name: Tracy Jr
Born: 23 November 1991 (age 32 years old)
Place of Birth: New York, New York, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.72 m
Parents: Ice-T, Darlene Ortiz
Siblings: Letesha Marrow, Chanel Nicole Marrow
Spouse: Not Married
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Occupation: Record Producer • TV Personality
Net Worth: $2 million

Early Life

Tracy Marrow Jr, born November 23, 1991, is a proud Los Angeles native from a family deeply entrenched in entertainment. His father, the iconic Ice-T, is a well-known rapper, actor, songwriter, and producer. Tracy‘s mother, Darlene Ortiz, is a multifaceted performer with a long list of credits as an actress, model, composer, and radio host.

Being the child of such accomplished individuals, it’s no surprise that he has inherited much creative talent. He’s made a name for himself as a record producer and musician and has worked with his father on numerous projects.

Tracy Marrow Jr has two siblings, both sisters, who are equally impressive in their own right. Letesha Marrow, his older sister, is a CEO, reality TV star, and assistant director. She’s appeared on various television shows, including T-Tea-V Behind the ScenesUnsung, and Ice Loves Coco.

Meanwhile, Chanel Nicole MarrowTracy‘s younger sister, is also making waves in the entertainment industry. She’s gained a sizable following on social media and has even dipped her toes into music and fashion.

Tracy Marrow Jr.‘s family heritage is rooted in African-American culture, and his parents’ accomplishments have paved the way for him and his siblings to explore their creative passions. 

Personal Life

Tracy Marrow Jr found himself in a legal predicament back in October 2012 when he was apprehended by the authorities in Los Angeles. It all started when he was pulled over for allegedly blaring music from his vehicle, caught up in the rhythm of the moment. The officers requested him to lower the volume, a seemingly simple request.

However, Tracy had other plans in mind. Instead of complying, he made a few choice remarks to the officers and cranked up the volume even louder, perhaps thinking he could dance out of the situation. Unfortunately, his attempts at defiance only escalated matters, resulting in his detainment.

To their surprise, during the process of detaining Tracy, the officers discovered an outstanding warrant in the amount of $10,000 for a previous speeding violation. His disregard for the speed limit caught up with him figuratively and literally.

As for Tracy Marrow Jr‘s romantic endeavors, he has chosen to keep his love life under wraps. He has not publicly flaunted any significant other, indicating that he may enjoy the single life or simply value his privacy.

While this incident might have been a bump on his journey, Tracy continues to navigate life with his unique spirit and talents, focusing on his personal growth and professional pursuits. It serves as a reminder that even those in the limelight are not immune to the occasional misstep along their path.


Tracy Marrow Jr, the virtuoso of melodies and thespian finesse, has carved his resounding niche in artistic expression. With his musical prowess and acting acumen, he weaves a tapestry of sonic and dramatic allure that leaves audiences spellbound.

As a member of Body Count, the rock band led by his esteemed father, Tracy‘s presence breathes new life into the harmonious fabric. Since his entry in 2017, he has woven his musical magic, contributing to the writing and production of multiple tracks on the band’s audacious sixth album, the masterwork known as Bloodlust.

Beyond his instrumental mastery, Tracy‘s vocal prowess shines as he lends his dulcet tones as a captivating backup singer. The marriage of his unique timbre with the band’s sonic palette creates a symphony of sonic bliss. This harmonious partnership yielded two resplendent albums, Bloodlust in 2017 and Carnivore in 2018, showcasing his ability to traverse genres and craft emotive soundscapes.

The resonating waves of Tracy‘s creative influence extend beyond the studio walls. With his artistic fingerprint imprinted on every note, his father proudly announced on Twitter the impending release of Body Count‘s eighth studio album, the eagerly awaited Merciless, where Tracy‘s deft touch and creative ingenuity play an instrumental role in its production.

While enchanting audiences with his musical talents, Tracy has also graced the small and silver screens with his captivating presence. Through his appearances on notable reality shows like Ice Loves Coco and engaging in friendly competition on Celebrity Family Feud, he demonstrates a captivating magnetism and a natural flair for captivating audiences.

Tracy Marrow Jr‘s artistic expedition is an ongoing symphony, weaving together passion, skill, and tireless dedication. With each musical note and each engaging performance, he forges an indelible mark on the canvas of creativity. 

Net Worth

Tracy Marrow Jr has an estimated net worth of $2 million. His source of income is mainly from his work as a singer and producer.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @Ice_marrow
  • Twitter handle: @Ice_marrow 


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