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Semah G. Weifur (born April 17, 2006) is a wondrous singer and songwriter from Liberia but embraced by Nigeria’s loving arms. He weaves an extraordinary tale of musical enchantment. Born with eyes unacquainted with sight, he embarked on a melodious journey, unyielding in pursuing his passion, captivating hearts near and far.

Through a celestial collaboration with Flavour N’abania, the harmonious masterpiece Most High was born, casting its spell across borders and resonating with music aficionados across the globe. Semah G. Weifur‘s celestial vocals, like an ethereal breeze, effortlessly lifted spirits and forged an indelible connection with his listeners.

Yet, his melodic ascent was a challenging symphony. Undeterred by his visual challenges, Semah G. Weifur soared higher, navigating the musical terrain with unbridled courage. Each verse he penned became an anthem of hope, an anthem that broke barriers and inspired others to embrace their own dreams.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Semah G. Weifur
Stage Name: Semah G.
Born: 17 April 2006 (age 17 years old)
Place of Birth: Liberia
Education: Student
Nationality: Nigerian
Height: 1.41 m
Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: Not Married
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Occupation: Singer • Songwriter
Net Worth: $100,000

Early Life & Education

Semah G. Weifur, a young star born on April 17, 2006, in Liberia, defies the odds as a blind singer, proving that talent knows no boundaries. His celestial voice and heartfelt lyrics have struck a resounding chord with audiences, captivating hearts far and wide.

Emerging from humble beginnings, Semah G. Weifur‘s journey led him to embrace the Christian Association of the Blind (CAB), a haven where his passion for music flourished. Despite adversity, his unyielding spirit and dreams of becoming a music maestro ignited a cosmic connection with Nigerian artist Flavour.

A serendipitous encounter led to the creation of the captivating single Most High, a celestial symphony that touched souls across continents. Their harmonious collaboration continued, creating soul-stirring songs like No One Like You and Unchangeable.

Education played a pivotal role in Semah G. Weifur‘s trajectory as he pursued his love for music within a school for the blind. Guided by devoted teachers, his talent blossomed, illuminating the path to his dreams.


Flavour‘s musical journey reached celestial heights with his fifth studio album, Ijele – The Traveler, released in June 2017. Within this enchanting album, the captivating duet Most High featuring Semah G. Weifur emerged as a radiant gem, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide.

The powerful synergy between Flavour and Semah G. Weifur transcended mere music, becoming a testament to the unifying power of art. Most High resonated with soulful melodies and ethereal vocals, elevating spirits and inspiring souls with its profound message.

In 2018, their bond deepened with the mesmerizing five-track masterpiece Divine. Topping charts across Africa, the album showcased their individual brilliance and incomparable chemistry. Semah G. Weifur‘s awe-inspiring vocal prowess adorned Divine, while Flavour‘s signature highlife rhythm infused melodies like No One Like You and Turn By Turn.

As an inspiring duo, Flavour and Semah G. Weifur became radiant beacons in modern African music, touching the hearts of devoted fans and fellow artists alike. Their harmonious alliance continues to shine brightly, with eager anticipation for the magic they’ll create next.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: Semah G Weifur Official (@semahgweifur)
  • Tiktok handle: semah g weifur

Personal Life

Semah G. Weifur, on the other hand, is a young boy who has overcome great adversity in his life, including blindness, and has found solace and joy in his musical talents. 

Regardless of their personal lives, it’s clear that these two artists share a deep bond and passion for music that has brought them together and captivated audiences around the world. We can only imagine the incredible music and collaborations they will continue to create in the future, and we look forward to following their journey and supporting them every step of the way.

Semah G. Weifur is not married and has no girlfriend.


  • Love Is All We Need
  • All we need
  • No One Like You

Net Worth

Semah G. Weifur has accumulated an estimated net worth of $100,000. However, it’s safe to say that their success in the music industry has brought them financial stability and a loyal fan base. 

Their collaboration on the album Divine in 2018 was a huge success, and it’s clear that their partnership is only just beginning. With their unique blend of African and Western music styles, Flavour and Semah G. Weifur has created a sound that is truly their own, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

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