Sleep Token Biography: Members, Real Names, Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Songs

June 2, 2024 0 Posted By Johnson Ajiboye

Sleep Token, a British rock band, has been making waves with genre-bending music and anonymity.

Formed in 2016, the band has built a devoted fan base, and their elusive style has only added more fame to the band.

Let’s look into the history of Sleep Token, their members, genre, reasons behind their anonymity, notable songs, and net worth.


Sleep Token was formed in 2016 in London, England, by four individuals who shared a passion for music and a desire to create something unique.

The band’s early days were marked by intense songwriting and rehearsals, honing their sound and perfecting their craft.

In 2016, they released their debut EP, “One,” which garnered attention from music critics and fans alike.

This was followed by their second EP, “Two,” in 2017, which further cemented their reputation as an innovative and exciting new band.

In 2019, they released their debut album, “Sundowning,” which received widespread critical acclaim and solidified their position as one of the rock scene’s most promising and original bands.


Sleep Token consists of four members, each with a distinct role in the band. Vessel (lead vocals) is the charismatic frontman known for his powerful and passionate vocals.

II (drums) provide the pulsating rhythms, while III (bass) adds depth and complexity to the band’s sound. IV (guitars) completes the quartet, bringing a unique perspective and skillset.

Despite their anonymity, each member brings their personality and talent to the music, making Sleep Token collaborative.


Sleep Token’s music defies easy categorization, blending elements of alternative metal, post-rock/metal, progressive metal, and indie rock/pop.

Their sound is characterized by intricate instrumentation, soaring vocals, and a sense of atmospheric tension.

This genre-bending approach has allowed them to appeal to many fans, from metal enthusiasts to indie rock aficionados.

Why Anonymity?

Sleep Token’s decision to maintain anonymity is a deliberate choice aimed at focusing attention on their music rather than their individual personas.

By wearing masks and robes, the band members aim to create a sense of unity and collective identity, emphasizing the music over personal egos.

This anonymity also adds to the band’s mystique and allure, allowing fans to focus on the music rather than the personalities behind it.


Some of Sleep Token’s most notable songs include:

  • “The Night Does Not Belong to God”
  • “The Offering”
  • “Sugar”
  • “Higher”
  • “Calcutta”

These songs showcase the band’s ability to craft catchy hooks, intricate instrumentation, and passionate vocals while maintaining a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Net Worth

Sleep Token’s net worth is estimated to be around $19 million, proof of their hard work and dedication to their craft.

Despite their anonymity, the band has built a devoted fan base and received critical acclaim for its music.

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