Meet Amou Haji: The World’s Dirtiest Man Who Never Bath in 67 Years

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Amou Haji (born August 20, 1928) was a man who resided in a desolate region of Iran and led a life devoid of conventional occupation. 

He embraced solitude as a hermit, relying solely on begging to sustain himself financially. Having ceased to have his bathe for over 60 years, Amou Haji was considered the World’s Dirtiest Man.

Occasionally, Amou Haji resorted to scavenging for sustenance and various necessities; however, his survival depended on whatever meager resources he could stumble upon.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Amou Haji
Stage Name: The World’s Dirtiest Man
Born: 20 August 1928 (age 94 years old)
Place of Birth: Farashband, Iran
Died: 23 October 2022, Dezh Gah Rural District
Nationality: Iranian
Education: N/A
Height: 1.77 m
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Haji
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: Not Married
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Occupation: Beggar
Net Worth: $???

Early Life & Education

Amou Haji, a mystery man, was born on August 20, 1928, in the humble town of Farashband, Iran. Growing up in an enigmatic household, he was raised by his parents, whose identities remain shrouded in secrecy. For this account, we will respectfully refer to his mother and father as Mr. and Mrs. Haji.

Unfortunately, the media has yet to uncover any information regarding Amou Haji’s siblings or his educational background. Furthermore, details about Amou Haji‘s extended family or relatives still need to be discovered, leaving us with little knowledge of his connections beyond his enigmatic existence.


Amou Haji, famously called “the world’s dirtiest man,” led an unconventional lifestyle without a conventional career. Isolated in a remote region of Iran, he lived as a hermit, far away from bustling society. His daily activities consisted of foraging for sustenance, indulging in the peculiar habit of smoking tobacco from a pipe filled with animal excrement, and deliberately evading any form of human interaction.

Amou Haji did not bathe for over 60 years, from around 1957 to 2022, because he feared soap and water might cause disease. He claimed he had become a hermit due to “emotional setbacks” after a heartbreak.

There is a lack of complete understanding regarding Amou Haji‘s motivations for unconventionally leading his life. Some speculate that he may have experienced a distressing romantic relationship during his younger years, causing him to withdraw from society. 

On the other hand, some believe that Amou Haji consciously embraced solitude as he found solace in living apart from others. Regardless of the underlying cause, Haji‘s chosen lifestyle undeniably had a detrimental effect on his physical appearance. His body was covered in filth and dirt; his hair was tangled and unkempt, and his teeth were decayed and rotten.

Amou Haji inhabited a hole he excavated himself in the dirt. He smoked animal excrement with an old pipe, drank water from puddles and rusty oil cans, ate meat from dead animals he found (mainly decaying porcupines), and wore a battle helmet to protect him from the cold.

He refused to bathe, and soot and pus covered his flesh. Amou Haji was seen smoking many cigarettes at once and turning down offers of food, drink, and other necessities. He claimed that he was saddened by these efforts to show him compassion.

Social Media

Amou Haji, the Iranian man known as the “World’s Dirtiest Man,” had no social media accounts. 

Personal Life

Amou Haji‘s personal life remained a fascinating enigma, veiled in secrecy and ambiguity. Throughout his life, he chose not to embark on the journey of marriage or parenthood; intriguingly, there were no records of any immediate family members. It was widely speculated that Haji could not read or write, and he had no access to formal education throughout his lifetime.

Despite leading an unhygienic lifestyle for many years, the individual lived an astonishingly long life, reaching 94. Remarkably, he survived so long without practicing essential cleanliness habits. 

However, in a surprising turn of events, he finally took a bath after six decades of neglecting personal hygiene, thanks to the persuasion of the village residents. Unfortunately, Amou Haji‘s newfound cleanliness did not last long, as he passed away just a few months later.

Amou Haji‘s cause of death is still unknown but many claims it’s a natural death.

Net Worth

Amou Haji, an individual famously recognized as the “World’s Dirtiest Man,” led a life devoid of financial wealth or possessions. 

Residing in a secluded region of Iran, he relied on begging for sustenance while resorting to the peculiar practice of smoking animal dung for his daily existence. Bereft of any ownership or assets, Amou Haji‘s lifestyle was characterized by extreme deprivation and minimal material possessions.‎

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