Steve Harvey's ex-wife Marcia Harvey Biography, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Instagram, Husband, Children

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Marcia Harvey Biography: Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Instagram, Husband, Children

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Marcia Harvey (born January 22, 1955) is a renowned African-American novelist better known as Steve Harvey‘s ex-wife, a comedy icon and a TV show. She chooses to live a very private life, mostly avoiding the prying eyes of the media. 

They were married for fourteen years, albeit Steve Harvey hadn’t even come close to the kind of accomplishment he has now. The couple’s breakup’s true causes were never made public, but there have always been murmurs around Hollywood. 

Some blame Steve Harvey‘s penchant for infidelity, while others blame his decision to pursue a different line of work like comedy. Marcia Harvey‘s life’s sorrow can be attributed to Steve Harvey abandoning her and his two girls while she was carrying their third child.

In as much of all she went through, Marcia Harvey was able to build a successful career in writing and fashion. Marcia: Eyes To The Soul, Marcia: Poems From The Heart, and Marcia: Thoughts From My Mind are some of her books. Her children now look up to her because of her generosity of spirit.

Marcia Harvey
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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Marcia Harvey
Born: 22 January 1955 (age 69 years old)
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.65 m
Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Husband • Spouse: Larry Greene, Steve Harvey (m. 1981–1994)
Boyfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: Broderick Harvey Jr., Brandi Harvey, Karli Harvey
Occupation: Author
Net Worth: $1 million

Early Life

Marcia Harvey was born on January 22, 1955, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Little is known about her upbringing and parents due to limited media disclosure.

This precious gem, Marcia Harvey, was brought into this world and blessed with life’s blessings. Alas, the narrative of her upbringing and the genealogy of her familial roots have remained shrouded in mystery due in no small part to the parsimony of media revelations.

But despite the lack of media exposure, Marcia Harvey‘s light has continued to shine brightly, illuminating the lives of all those she has touched. Her sparkling personality and radiant spirit have left a lasting impression on all who have had the privilege of knowing her. Her unwavering strength and resilience in the face of adversity have made her a true inspiration to those around her.

Marcia Harvey‘s journey through life has been a tapestry of rich experiences and vibrant hues woven together by the threads of her passions and purpose. Her indomitable spirit and unwavering resolve have enabled her to overcome the obstacles that have come her way, and she has emerged stronger and more resplendent than ever.

And so, on this day, we celebrate the birth of Marcia Harvey, a shining star whose brilliance continues to shine, even in the absence of media disclosure. Her life is a source of endless inspiration, and her legacy may shine bright for generations to come.


The only thing that is known about Marcia Harvey‘s early childhood is that she was born into a poor African-American family. She began working for Saks Fifth Avenue, a department store. A few years later, she met Steve Harvey at a friend’s wedding celebration. In 1980, the two married after falling in love. At the time, Steve Harvey was an insurance salesman, and in 1982, the couple welcomed twin daughters into the world. 

However, Steve Harvey had already started to grow bored with his profession at that point and wanted to pursue a career in entertainment, particularly stand-up comedy.

They experienced a lot of conflict as a result, and subsequent information revealed that starting in 1990, they were starting to live separately. Marcia Harvey‘s marriage to Steve Harvey and subsequent divorce were major factors in her fame. She was undoubtedly expecting their third child when everything went apart, although the events leading to their divorce in 1994 are mostly kept a secret. 

In 1993, Marcia Harvey formally filed for divorce. She was obliged to seek legal help after her divorce and Steve Harvey‘s failure to pay alimony and child support. Being the fiercely independent lady she was, she later launched her clothing brand and enjoyed success. She has kept quiet about the specifics of how she not only managed to keep the family together but also provided for the safety and happiness of her children. 

She had to work, care for her three young children, and maintain steady employment because she was a single mother. Her three children credit her for inspiring them to achieve great achievements because of her modest personality. Marcia Harvey later established herself as an author with the release of her debut poetry collection, Marcia: Eyes to the Soul

The book is a tribute to her life and that of her divorced husband and was published in April 2011. Despite the book’s lack of popularity, Marcia Harvey went on to publish two additional books, Marcia: Poems From The Heart (2011) and Marcia: Thoughts From My Mind (2014). 

Personal Life

Steve Harvey separated from Marcia Harvey and his three kids in order to focus on his comedic profession. He entirely abandoned the family once he began to become famous. It goes without saying that this made her the center of attention. 

Following the conclusion of their divorce in 1994, the court mandated that Steve Harvey pay Marcia Harvey US$5100 per month in spousal maintenance. Steve Harvey, however, made no payment. She was compelled to provide the court with an affidavit. Steve Harvey owes her about $36,000 after being found guilty of failing to pay support. Later disclosures regarding the divorce process also showed that Steve Harvey had been living with Mary Lee Harvey before his divorce from Marcia Harvey was legally finalized. They are still cordial now that the issue has been settled. 

On August 20, 1982, the couple gave birth to twin daughters, Karli Harvey and Brandi Harvey. On April 29, 1991, they welcomed their son Broderick Harvey Jr.; Steve Harvey had abandoned them, so she raised the kids alone. She supposedly afterward wed Larry Greene and now resides in Cleveland. Marcia Harvey has never used social media because she is very private. 

Net Worth

Marcia Harvey is thought to have a net worth of $1 million, which she mostly acquired through selling her books and income from her work. Her divorce also contributed to some of her wealth.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @iammarciaharvey

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