Natasha Crown Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Wiki, Nationality, YouTube, Facebook, Surgery

Natasha Crown Biography: Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Wiki, Nationality, YouTube, Facebook, Surgery

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Natasha Crown (born April 10, 1992) is a Junoesque Serbian-Swedish model, actress, and social media personality.

She became an internet sensation for her eye-catchy figure which has been credited to surgery.

Another controversy that she created in the media space was her worrisome self-inclination to have the world’s best bum.

Natasha Crown
Natasha Crown: History, Bio, Photo
Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Natasha Crown
Born: 10 April 1992 (age 32 years old)
Place of Birth: Gothenburg
Surgery: YES
Nationality: Serbian, Swedish
Parents: N/A
Height: 5 ft 10 in / 178 cm
Siblings: N/A
Boyfriend • Husband: Concealed
Occupation: Actress • Model
Net Worth: $500,000-$700,000

Early Life

Natasha Crown is a beautiful hot 32-year-old model, from Gothenburg, Sweden considered one of the greatest.

She was born on the 10th of April in 1992 to Swedish parents.

She currently has 73-inch hips and is able to model kilograms to fulfill her dream of becoming the world’s biggest ass.

She needs 25 kg to separate the fat and increase my ass.

The 32-year-old grew up as a happy child in Gothenburg and says she was always very outgoing and popular.

When she was a teenager and her body started to change – she got boobs, she got a bum. She just loved her body so much.

Since then Natasha Crown has had three butt lifts as well as boob jobs and she also has [lip] filler and lots of other procedures.


32 years of age With her pursuit of the largest booty, Natasha Crown had sworn the internet.

Since a young age, she has described herself as a happy and outgoing person. During her adolescent years, when her bosoms and buttocks began to shift, she fantasized about altering them larger and merrier on the jiggling sensation.

She had her first butt lift surgery at the age of twenty. She has had plastic surgery on her bottoms three times, along with boob jobs and lip filler.

Natasha Crown‘s Instagram page had amassed over 317K followers. At five feet and ten inches tall, she has an 80-inch bust. And she aspires to gain another twenty inches, which shook Instagram feeds once more.

Appearing on the American reality TV show, Botched, she said: “I think bigger is better. I will never ever be slim again. My bum is like a different dimension. I have broken chairs with my butt, I have broken beds, I have broken people.

I have always been different and in Sweden, women think slimmer is more beautiful. But I think people need to see this is how real women should look.”

She revealed she visited the gym five years ago after deciding to boost the size of her backside.

After her first surgery, she was so happy. Six months later she told the doctor he did a great job but she wanted to have more and he was like ‘OK’.

They planned the second surgery. She knew the more fat she had, the bigger she was going to be. So she decided to gain a lot of weight.

She loves to eat, she gained 20kgs (3st 2lbs), and then she did the second surgery.
Natasha Crown boasts of over 318k followers on her Instagram profile, where she proudly displays her enormous backside to fans.

In addition to the butt lifts, the model says she has had a boob job, fillers in her chin, lips, and cheekbones.

Over the last four years, she has had three Brazilian butt lifts, one breast augmentation and then I’ve done some fillers in her chin, lips, and her cheekbones.

Natasha Crown is having a consultation to see if they can fix her breasts because they’re really saggy now. She wants to lift them up and make them bigger.

Her goal is to have the world’s biggest bum and nothing is going to stop her according to her statements. She has also appeared in American Got Talent Show.

Social Media

Natasha Crown social media pages are more like her is the avenue by which she interacts with her followers.

She currently has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram.

Instagram handle: natasha_crown_official1

Personal Life

Natasha Crown, speaking to The Sun, said: “The more I gain the better the bum will be. I’ll do whatever it takes to have the world’s biggest bum.”

She was 20 when she had her first procedure and yet, she would say she is obsessed,” she previously said in 2017.

The first thing she does in the morning is going to the mirror and look at her bum. Maybe she has body dysmorphia or something but she won’t feel like it is even that big. She definitely wants bigger.”

The 32-year-old grew up as a happy child in Gothenburg and says she was always very outgoing and popular.

Natasha Crown is in a relationship that she never shows her boyfriend to the world, and never posted him on social media.

Natasha Crown is not married, her parents have regularly pleaded with her to stop altering her body, worrying that her pursuit of the perfect body is doing untold damage.

Net Worth

Having worked hard over the years, Natasha Crown has racked up an estimated net worth of $500,000-$700,000.

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