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The Sidemen is a British YouTube group consisting of several popular YouTubers who collaborate on various videos.

The group was created in 2013 and has since gained a large following, with each member having successful individual channels.

The Sidemen are known for their gaming videos, challenges, and vlogs, often showcasing their humorous and entertaining personalities. They have amassed millions of followers and achieved great success on and off YouTube.


  • Members: Miniminter, TBJZL, Zerkaa, Behzinga, W2S, Vikkstar123, and KSI
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: London, England
  • Nationality: British
  • Profession: YouTube Content Creators, Social Media Influencers
  • Website:
  • Years Active: 2013-Present


The Sidemen hail from different parts of the United Kingdom, and each member has a unique background. Simon Minter, known as Miniminter, was born on September 7, 1992, in Hemel Hempstead. Tobi Brown, also known as TBJZL, was born on April 8, 1993, in Hackney, London.

Joshua Bradley, known as Zerkaa, was born in Sheffield on September 4, 1992. Ethan Payne, known as Behzinga, was born on June 20, 1995, in a small town in London.

Harry Lewis, popularly known as W2S, was born in Guernsey on November 24, 1996. Vikram Barn, known as Vikkstar123, was born in Sheffield on August 2, 1995. JJ Olatunji, famously known as KSI, was born on June 19, 1993, in Watford.

Growing up, each member faced their fair share of challenges, but their love for video games and a passion for entertaining led them to the world of YouTube.

They attended different schools and universities, pursuing various academic interests, but their shared love for gaming and comedy brought them together.

Personal Life

In their personal lives, the Sidemen have been open about their romantic relationships. While some members have chosen to keep their relationships private, others have shared their love lives with their fans.

Simon Minter (Miniminter) is known to be in a long-term relationship with a fellow social media influencer. Tobi Brown (TBJZL) has been in a committed relationship with his girlfriend for several years. Joshua Bradley (Zerkaa) has been in a loving relationship with his partner, who is not part of the social media world.

Ethan Payne (Behzinga) is known for being private about his romantic life, and not much information is available publicly. Harry Lewis (W2S) has been in a high-profile relationship with a popular YouTuber, the subject of media attention.

Vikram Barn (Vikkstar123) has also kept his romantic life private; little is known about his relationships. JJ Olatunji (KSI) is known for his relationship with his longtime girlfriend, with whom he has shared numerous moments on social media.

As of 2023, some members of the Sidemen have started families, becoming proud fathers to adorable children, while others are still enjoying their youth and focusing on their careers.


The Sidemen’s journey to stardom began individually when they each started creating content on YouTube. Simon Minter, known as Miniminter, started his channel in 2008, posting FIFA gameplay videos. Tobi Brown, known as TBJZL, joined YouTube in 2011, initially focusing on football content.

Joshua Bradley, known as Zerkaa, began his channel in 2009 with FIFA videos. Ethan Payne, known as Behzinga, started his YouTube journey in 2012, sharing various gaming and vlog content.

Harry Lewis, popularly known as W2S, began his channel in 2012, initially focusing on FIFA content and later expanding to various challenges and vlogs. Vikram Barn, known as Vikkstar123, launched his channel in 2010, focusing on Call of Duty gameplay and venturing into other gaming content.

JJ Olatunji, famously known as KSI, joined YouTube in 2008, starting with FIFA videos and later exploring various forms of entertainment, including music and boxing.

In 2013, the Sidemen collaborated on various videos, combining their talents and personalities to create engaging and humorous content. Their chemistry was evident, and their collaborative efforts quickly gained traction, propelling them to internet stardom.

The Sidemen’s success on YouTube led to numerous opportunities, including brand partnerships, merchandise collaborations, and even a book titled “Sidemen: The Book,” where they shared anecdotes, personal stories, and behind-the-scenes moments from their lives.

Their influence extends beyond YouTube, with the group engaging in philanthropic activities, charity events, and collaborations with prominent content creators.

Net Worth

The Sidemen have achieved remarkable success through their YouTube careers, brand partnerships, merchandise sales, and other ventures. Their collective net worth is around $60 million.

Their popularity and continuous growth in the online entertainment industry contribute to their significant financial success.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @Miniminter, @Tobjizzle, @Zerkaa, @Behzingagram, @W2S, @Vikkstagram, @KSI
  • Twitter: @Miniminter, @TBJZL, @Zerkaa, @EthanPayne, @W2S, @Vikkstar123, @KSIOlajidebt
  • YouTube: @Miniminter, @TBJZL, @Zerkaa, @Behzinga, @W2S, @Vikkstar123, @KSIOlajidebt

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