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Kristina Halliwell Collins (born July 1, 1996), a vibrant Canadian-born sensation, has charmed the digital world with her infectious presence as KallMeKris and Kallmewhateveryouwant. She is a renowned content creator, YouTuber, model, former hairdresser, and social media personality.

Rising to prominence on the illustrious platform TikTok, she has garnered a great following of over 47 million enthusiasts, with her videos amassing an astonishing 2 billion likes.

In April 2022, Kris “KallMeKris” Collins unveiled her captivating comedic talent to the TikTok universe, swiftly captivating hearts and minds with her humorous and relatable skits. Often featuring her close-knit circle of friends and beloved family, her videos brim with laughter-inducing moments that resonate deeply with her diverse audience. Moreover, she has embarked on exciting collaborations with fellow TikTok luminaries, further expanding the realms of comedic possibility.

Beyond her comedic prowess, Kris “KallMeKris” Collins also offers a glimpse into her vibrant lifestyle through her TikTok account, sharing fascinating snippets of her daily adventures. Through her engaging content, she seeks to elicit laughter and spread joy, embracing the power of her TikTok platform to create moments that uplift and inspire.

Kris “KallMeKris” Collins has become an indispensable part of the TikTok landscape with her effervescent personality and comedic brilliance. This talented entertainer’s journey has only begun as she collaborates with TikTok on an upcoming project that promises to deliver even more uproarious and unforgettable content.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Kristina Halliwell Collins
Stage Name: KallMeKris, Kallmewhateveryouwant, Kris Collins
Born: 1 July 1996 (age 27 years old)
Place of Birth: Abbotsford, Canada
Education: Vancouver Hair Academy
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 1.70 m
Parents: Karalee Collins, John Halliwell
Siblings: Jessica Collins, Alissa Collins, Markus Halliwell, Emma Halliwell
Spouse: Not Married
Boyfriend • Partner: Aaron Brown (2015-2021), Doctor Mike (rum.)
Children: N/A
Occupation: YouTuber • Media Personality
Net Worth: $1.5 million

Early Life

Kris “KallMeKris” Collins, a radiant soul born on July 1, 1996, in the enchanting city of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, blossomed amidst the tapestry of her lineage. As fate would have it, her parents, Karalee Collins, and John Halliwell, encountered the tempestuous storms of separation while her mother carried the precious gift of “KallMeKris” within her womb.

In the intricate mosaic of her familial constellation, Kris “KallMeKris” Collins assumes the cherished role of the middle child, navigating the ebbs and flows of kinship with grace and resilience. Within the embrace of her lineage, she shares the spirited bond of sisterhood with five siblings: two half-siblings, Alissa Collins and Jessica Collins, from her mother’s side, two half-siblings, Markus Halliwell and Emma Halliwell, from her father’s domain, and the radiant presence of her beloved older sister, Jessica Collins.

Embracing the call of ambition at a tender age, Kris “KallMeKris” Collins embarked on a transformative journey as a house cleaner, embracing the virtues of hard work and independence. The contours of her destiny guided her towards self-employment, where she wielded her artistic prowess as a skilled hairdresser, adorning the lives of others with her creative touch.

While her peers trod the hallowed halls of academic institutions, Kris “KallMeKris” Collins charted her own path, immersing herself in the kaleidoscopic realm of real-world experience. The halls of East High, nestled within the breathtaking landscape of Salt Lake, played a fleeting role in her narrative as the siren call of her passion beckoned her toward a full-time pursuit of hairdressing. With unwavering determination, she embraced the vibrant allure of creativity, leaving behind the conventional rhythms of academia.

A seeker of knowledge and refinement, Kris “KallMeKris” Collins set her sights upon the illustrious Vancouver Hair Academy, a sanctuary of excellence where she honed her skills and emerged as a certified hairdresser. Within its hallowed halls, she delved into her craft’s intricate techniques and artistry, mastering the delicate dance between creativity and technical precision.

Personal Life

Kris “KallMeKris” Collins began an affair with a guy identified as Aaron Brown in 2015, and on 14 October 2021, she confirmed their breakup in a comment on her TikTok account: According to a video, she said, “We’re sick of being asked if we’re together; we’re still good friends who adore each other.”

In February 2022, she posted a Video on Valentine’s Day featuring herself, and a friend named Janet, in the house of Doctor Mike, a medical practitioner and YouTuber, raising dust that she was in a relationship with Doctor Mike.

Kris “KallMeKris” Collins shared a video about her mental health journey in May 2021. She admits to having anorexia and being raped as a teenager. She claims that her ex-boyfriend Aaron Brown helped her work through a lot of trauma, much of which she still struggles with.


Kris “KallMeKris” Collins, a star of laughter and style, began her artistic journey in the vibrant city of Vancouver, Canada, as a masterful hair virtuoso. Her nimble fingers and creative flair enchanted the strands of her clients, transforming ordinary locks into extraordinary expressions of self. The CW show, Riverdale, welcomed her as a captivating contributor, where her creative prowess illuminated the screen.

However, the winds of fate blew unforeseen challenges in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many, Kris “KallMeKris” Collins faced the difficult decision to bid adieu to her beloved salon. In the midst of this bittersweet farewell, an unexpected opportunity arose—a chance to embrace the digital world and share her comedic brilliance.

With determination, Kris “KallMeKris” Collins took her first steps into TikTok on that fateful day, April 9, 2020. Her humor and relatability resonated deeply with viewers, and her following flourished. Yet, even as her TikTok star rose, she longed to return to her hairdressing roots.

In December 2020, a glimmer of hope emerged, and Kris “KallMeKris” Collins once again donned a hairdresser’s cape, balancing the demands of her craft with her digital pursuits. However, destiny beckoned her toward an extraordinary choice—to commit fully to TikTok or continue tending to the tresses of her clients.

Embracing the intoxicating allure of the digital platform, Kris “KallMeKris” Collins forged ahead, leaving her hairdressing career behind. In this realm of limitless creativity, she discovered new avenues for expression. The effervescent laughter she conjured on TikTok became her calling, enchanting millions across the virtual landscape.

In August 2020, Kris “KallMeKris” Collins expanded her creative repertoire, stepping onto the vibrant stage of YouTube. Compilations of her TikTok treasures found a home on her channel, ensuring those without the app could revel in her comedic escapades. The world took notice, and in June 2021, she was honored with the prestigious Gold YouTube Play Button, a symbol of her extraordinary journey and the adoration of her 1 million subscribers.

As the tapestry of time unfurled to 2022, Kris “KallMeKris” Collins‘ star continued to ascend. Her infectious charisma and magnetic presence captivated over 7 million subscribers, solidifying her place as a cherished luminary of the digital landscape.

Kris “KallMeKris” Collins, an alchemist of laughter and style, remains steadfast in her mission to bring joy and amusement to her audience. She weaves connections through the strokes of her comedic genius, reminding us of the transformative power of a shared laugh.

Net Worth

Kris “KallMeKris” Collins is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million. This includes her earnings from TikTok, sponsorships, and other business ventures. She is one of the most successful TikTok celebrities and will continue to grow her empire.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @Kriscollins
  • Twitter handle: N/A
  • TikTok handle: @Kallmekris
  • YouTube channel: KallMeKris

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