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Tilly Ramsay (born November 8, 2001), also known as Matilda Elizabeth Ramsay, is a dynamic and talented individual from England. She is a renowned English TV presenter, chef, model, and internet personality.

You may recognize Tilly Ramsay from her delightful co-hosting role on the beloved CBBC cooking show Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch. Beyond her work on CBBC, Tilly Ramsay has appeared on various renowned shows, showcasing her versatile talents. 

From This Morning and Gordon Ramsay‘s Home Cooking to Blue PeterMasterChef JuniorFriday Night Jazz, and The Late Late Show with James Corden, she has left a lasting impression with her infectious personality and undeniable talent. With each appearance, Tilly Ramsay effortlessly radiates her passion for the culinary arts and her innate ability to connect with viewers.

Being the daughter of esteemed cookbook author Tana Ramsay and renowned chef Gordon RamsayTilly Ramsay‘s culinary prowess runs in her veins. Her upbringing in a household steeped in gastronomy has undoubtedly shaped her exceptional culinary skills and artistic flair.

Tilly Ramsay‘s influence extends beyond the realm of television. Her melodious voice can be heard as she lends her talents to the esteemed All3Media-owned company, One Potato, Two Potato. Through her enchanting vocals, she adds an ethereal touch to the harmonious collaboration that originated from her father’s culinary empire and Optomen.

Tilly Ramsay fearlessly embraced the challenge of the nineteenth series of Strictly Come Dancing as a testament to her versatility and adventurous spirit. Teaming up with professional dancer Nikita Kuzmin, she gracefully danced her way into viewers’ hearts, captivating them with her charm and undeniable talent.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Matilda Elizabeth Ramsay
Stage Name: Tilly Ramsay
Born: 8 November 2001 (age 22 years old)
Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom
Education: University of Nottingham
Nationality: British
Height: 1.78 m
Parents: Gordon Ramsay, Tana Ramsay
Siblings: Oscar Ramsay, Holly Anna Ramsay, Megan Ramsay, Jack Scott Ramsay
Spouse: Not Married
Boyfriend • Partner: Seth Mack (2023), Luciano D’Acampo (2019), Henry Farrow (2022)
Children: N/A
Occupation: Chef • TV Personality
Net Worth: $6 million

Early Life & Education

Tilly Ramsay, the daughter of renowned chef Gordon Ramsay and accomplished food book author Tana Ramsay, was born in the vibrant city of London, England, on November 8, 2001. Growing up in a household filled with culinary passion, Tilly shares her life with three elder siblings named Megan RamsayHolly Anna Ramsay, and Jack Scott Ramsay, as well as a younger brother named Oscar Ramsay.

Her educational journey took her to London’s esteemed Ibstock Place School, where she received a well-rounded education and nurtured her intellectual curiosity. Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, Tilly Ramsay enrolled at the University of Nottingham, delving into the captivating field of psychology. With her graduation slated for 2023, she eagerly anticipates the moment she will proudly step into the next chapter of her academic endeavors.

While dedicated to her studies, Tilly Ramsay‘s passion for the world of television beckoned. Since 2015, she has graced screens as the captivating host of the popular BBC cooking show Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch on CBBC. Beyond her own show, Tilly has appeared on various television programs, including MasterChef Junior and Hell’s Kitchen culinary competitions, where her culinary skills and vibrant personality left a lasting impression. She also ventured into dance as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, showcasing her talent and versatility.


Tilly Ramsay has embarked on a remarkable journey that has taken her from South West London’s bustling city streets and the Los Angeles glitz. Guided by her father’s illustrious television career, she has evolved into a versatile and vibrant individual, showcasing her talents as a television presenter, skilled chef, and influential social media influencer.

The world witnessed Tilly Ramsay‘s extraordinary talent on the renowned television show MasterChef Junior, where she left judges in awe with her culinary wizardry. Fuelled by her father’s legacy, Tilly embarked on her own culinary venture, co-hosting the delightful CBBC cooking show Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch, a delightful fusion of family, food, and pure joy. Beyond her show, her magnetic presence graced esteemed programs like This MorningBlue Peter, and Friday Night Jazz, captivating audiences with charm and expertise.

Tilly Ramsay‘s creative endeavors extend beyond television, as she has ventured into modeling, enchanting viewers with her captivating appearances in advertisements for renowned brands such as Next and Littlewoods. Additionally, Tilly has embraced the power of social media, amassing a dedicated following of over 1 million on Instagram, where her infectious personality and culinary delights captivate fans.

Fate weaved its tapestry, intertwining Tilly Ramsay‘s journey with her father’s celebrated ventures. A special guest appearance on Hell’s Kitchen, where her Sweet 16 birthday celebration took center stage, added a touch of magic to her already captivating narrative. 

Tilly Ramsay‘s melodious voice resonates with All3Media-owned company One Potato Two Potato, a harmonious collaboration stemming from the joint venture between Optomen and her father. Stepping onto the grand stage of Strictly Come Dancing in the nineteenth series, Tilly danced in tandem with the talented Nikita Kuzmin, leaving an indelible mark on the dance floor before bidding farewell to the competition on November 28, 2021.

Tilly Ramsay‘s culinary journey extends beyond screens and stages, finding its expression within the pages of her cookbook, Matilda & The Ramsay Bunch: Tilly’s Kitchen Invasion. Within its covers lies a treasure trove of delightful recipes and sage wisdom inherited from her renowned father.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @tillyramsay
  • Twitter: @tillyramsay
  • TikTok: @tillyramsay
  • YouTube: Tilly Ramsay

Personal Life

Tilly Ramsay, a young soul on the ever-changing canvas of love, has danced with romance in various chapters of her life. In 2019, she found herself entwined in the captivating allure of Luciano D’Acampo, their hearts intertwining in a brief yet enchanting liaison. However, the ebb and flow of life’s currents led them on separate paths, their memories now treasured remnants of a beautiful encounter.

In the present, Tilly Ramsay has found solace and happiness in the tender affection of Seth Mack, her new boyfriend, a kindred spirit whose presence has sparked a radiant glow within her. Their love story flourishes like a blossoming flower, its petals unfurling with every shared moment and heartfelt connection. 

Prior to Seth MackTilly Ramsay‘s heart found solace in the embrace of Henry Farrow, a remarkable individual with an intriguing background. As a former grammar school student and the scion of a business dynasty, Henry brought a touch of sophistication to their relationship. Their love story began in 2022, marked by captured moments that adorned the realms of social media. Tilly Ramsay affectionately describes Henry as “the nicest boyfriend ever,” a testament to their warmth and affection.

Net Worth

Tilly Ramsay‘s accumulated net worth is predicted to be $6 million. She amassed this fortune as a successful chef, television personality, and social media influencer. 

Tilly Ramsay is the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay‘s daughter, and she has followed in her father’s footsteps by becoming a successful chef in her own right.

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