Zlatan Ibrahimović Biography: Age, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Team, Goals, Height, Videos, Stats, Religion, Movies

Zlatan Ibrahimović Biography: Age, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Team, Goals, Height, Videos, Stats, Religion, Movies

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Zlatan Ibrahimović (born October 3, 1981) is a great football legend. He has gracefully retired from the sport, leaving behind a trail of awe-inspiring moments. 

This extraordinary striker, renowned for his acrobatic flair and thunderous volleys, graced the fields of AC Milan in Serie A and proudly represented the Sweden national team. His name resonates with reverence, as he is hailed as one of the greatest strikers to have ever graced the game, displaying an arsenal of powerful long-range shots, exquisite technique, and unparalleled ball control.

Zlatan Ibrahimović‘s illustrious career boasts an astonishing collection of 34 trophies, firmly establishing him as one of the most decorated footballers of our time. With every triumph, he etched his legacy in the hearts of fans, ascending to the pantheon of footballing greatness.

Throughout his journey, Zlatan Ibrahimović‘s talents have adorned the jerseys of Europe’s most prestigious clubs, imprinting his indomitable spirit on the pitch. Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester United have all basked in the radiance of his presence. 

Crossing borders, he has claimed league titles in four different countries, adding a UEFA Champions League crown, a UEFA Europa League victory, and numerous individual honors to his illustrious resume.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Zlatan Ibrahimović
Stage Name: Ibra
Born: 3 October 1981 (age 42 years old)
Place of Birth: Malmö, Sweden
Nationality: Bosnian, Swedish
Height: 1.95 m
Parents: Šefik Ibrahimović, Jurka Gravić
Siblings: Sanela Ibrahimović, Sapko Ibrahimović, Aleksander Ibrahimović, Monika Ibrahimović, Violeta Ibrahimović
Spouse: Helena Seger (m. 2001)
Girlfriend • Partner: Maria Olhage (2001-2002), Erika Johnson (2002)
Children: Maximilian Ibrahimović, Vincent Ibrahimović
Occupation: Football Player
Net Worth: $200 million

Early Life

Zlatan Ibrahimović, a remarkable individual from Malmö, Sweden, has left an indelible mark on the football world. Born on October 3, 1981, he emerged from a diverse cultural background with a Bosnian father, Šefik Ibrahimović, and a Croatian mother, Jurka Gravić

Raised by his mother in the vibrant Rosengård district of Malmö, his journey to greatness began at a tender age. He has five siblings who are Sanela IbrahimovićSapko Ibrahimović, Aleksander IbrahimovićMonika Ibrahimović, and Violeta Ibrahimović.

Showing exceptional talent on the football field, Zlatan Ibrahimović‘s skills caught the attention of Malmö FF, where he made his senior debut in 1999. His dazzling performances paved the way for a transfer to Ajax in 2001, where he swiftly claimed the Dutch League title, leaving a lasting impression on the footballing landscape.

From there, Ibrahimović embarked on an extraordinary career, gracing the jerseys of some of Europe’s most prestigious clubs. Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester United all bore witness to his immense talent. He collected league titles with each club, displaying his unrivaled prowess as a striker.

On the international stage, Zlatan Ibrahimović represented Sweden with distinction. His 113 caps and 62 goals for the national team solidified his status as a legendary figure in Swedish football. His powerful presence on the field and his ability to score crucial goals made him a formidable force to be reckoned with.

While Zlatan Ibrahimović‘s footballing abilities are widely celebrated, he is not without controversy. Known for his outspoken nature, he has made headlines with bold statements and a self-assured demeanor. However, his impact on the game cannot be denied, and he remains an iconic figure in football.


Zlatan Ibrahimović, the enigmatic football maestro, commenced his mesmerizing career in 1999, gracing the fields as a vibrant young talent adorned in the colors of Malmö FF. However, his audacious leap to Ajax in 2001 catapulted him into the echelons of football superstardom. The ensuing years witnessed his mercurial rise as he showcased his prodigious skills, electrifying spectators with his audacious strikes, great ball control, and unwavering technique.

In a bold and daring move, Zlatan Ibrahimović embarked on an illustrious journey, weaving his footballing magic through the annals of Europe’s most prestigious clubs. The grandeur of Juventus beckoned him in 2004, when he adorned the hallowed turf, leaving an indelible mark by capturing the Serie A title in his maiden season.

The allure of Inter Milan proved irresistible in 2006, and Zlatan Ibrahimović embarked on a mesmerizing chapter in his storied career. His impeccable finesse and relentless drive propelled Inter to unparalleled success, clinching three consecutive Serie A crowns, two Coppa Italia triumphs, and the crowning glory of European football, the UEFA Champions League, in 2010.

Setting his sights on new horizons, Zlatan Ibrahimović ventured to the captivating shores of Barcelona in 2010, ready to pen another chapter in his ever-evolving football narrative. With his impeccable artistry on full display, he played a pivotal role in securing the La Liga title in his inaugural season, leaving fans in awe of his mesmerizing skills.

The allure of the French capital beckoned Zlatan Ibrahimović in 2012, as Paris Saint-Germain became the canvas for his extraordinary talents. A tapestry of triumph unfolded as he spearheaded PSG’s domination, capturing four Ligue 1 titles, four Coupe de France glories, and three Coupe de la Ligue conquests.

Fueling his insatiable thirst for new challenges, Zlatan Ibrahimović embarked on a transatlantic voyage in 2016 as Manchester United beckoned. His audacious presence on the field resonated with the Red Devils, leading them to the coveted UEFA Europa League triumph in his maiden campaign, etching his name into the annals of the club’s glorious history.

Crossing continents once again, Ibrahimović embraced the allure of the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2018, mesmerizing fans with his captivating flair. In a resounding crescendo, he led the Galaxy to the MLS Cup glory in his debut season, igniting the pitch with unparalleled brilliance.

The circle of destiny completed its arc in 2020 as Zlatan Ibrahimović returned to the fabled halls of AC Milan, his footballing journey coming full circle. With determination and unrivaled artistry, he guided the Rossoneri to Serie A triumph, further embellishing his remarkable collection of accolades.

The tapestry of Ibrahimović’s triumph extends far beyond mere domestic conquests. He has woven a legacy of eleven league titles across different nations, basking in the glory of triumphant reigns in Italy, Spain, and the United States. Adding to his shimmering crown are the glittering jewels of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and the FIFA Club World Cup, emblematic of his transcendent excellence.

Zlatan Ibrahimović‘s brilliance has not gone unnoticed, with accolades such as the prestigious Golden Boot and the revered FIFA World Player of the Year adorning his illustrious career. The canvas of his footballing prowess is painted with powerful strikes that defy logic, impeccable accuracy that defies expectation, and an acrobatic finesse that captivates even the most discerning observers. His towering presence on the pitch and innate ability to orchestrate plays and elevate his teammates make him irreplaceable.

Representing the Swedish national team, Zlatan Ibrahimović has etched his name in the annals of footballing history. With over 110 appearances and a remarkable 62 goals, he has left an indelible mark on the international stage. From FIFA World Cup spectacles to UEFA European Championships, he has graced the grandest stages, embodying his homeland’s passion and unwavering spirit.

Awards & Nominations

  • Ballon d’Or: Ibrahimovic has been nominated for the Ballon d’Or award six times, in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. He has never won the award, but he finished as high as third in 2010.
  • FIFA World Player of the Year: Ibrahimovic was also nominated for the FIFA World Player of the Year award six times, in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. He has never won the award, but he finished as high as second in 2010.
  • UEFA Best Player in Europe: Ibrahimovic has been nominated for the UEFA Best Player in Europe award three times, in 2009, 2010, and 2011. He has never won the award, but he finished as high as second in 2010.
  • Ligue 1 Player of the Year: Ibrahimovic has been nominated for the Ligue 1 Player of the Year award four times, in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. He has won the award twice, in 2013 and 2014.
  • Serie A Player of the Year: Ibrahimovic was nominated twice for the Serie A Player of the Year award in 2009 and 2011. He has won the award once, in 2009.
  • Swedish Football Player of the Year: Ibrahimovic has been nominated for the Swedish Football Player of the Year award 12 times, and he has won the award 11 times.

In addition to these individual awards, Zlatan Ibrahimović has also won some team awards, including:

  • UEFA Champions League: Ibrahimovic won the UEFA Champions League in 2009 with Inter Milan.
  • FIFA Club World Cup: Ibrahimovic won the FIFA Club World Cup in 2009 with Inter Milan.
  • Serie A Championship: Ibrahimovic won the Serie A Championship in 2009 and 2010 with Inter Milan.
  • Ligue 1 Championship: Ibrahimovic won the Ligue 1 Championship in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 with Paris Saint-Germain.
  • French Cup: Ibrahimovic won the French Cup in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 with Paris Saint-Germain.
  • French League Cup: Ibrahimovic won the French League Cup in 2013, 2014, and 2015 with Paris Saint-Germain.

Social Media

  • Twitter: @Ibra_official
  • Instagram: @iamzlatanibrahimovic
  • Facebook: Zlatan Ibrahimović

Personal Life

Zlatan Ibrahimović, the charismatic Swedish football sensation, has experienced the ebb and flow of romantic relationships, weaving a tapestry of love and connection that adds depth to his fascinating life story.

At the turn of the millennium, Zlatan Ibrahimović was engaged to Maria Olhage, a fleeting engagement that lasted from 2001 to 2002. Their union, though brief, encapsulated a chapter of his life filled with promise and hope, only to evolve into separate paths of personal growth.

In his journey, Zlatan Ibrahimović crossed paths with Erika Johnson in 2002, their encounter a mere momentary spark amidst the grand narrative of his amorous exploits. Their connection, while passionate, flickered in the vast expanse of his romantic tapestry, leaving an indelible mark on his heart as a cherished memory.

However, during this eventful period, Zlatan Ibrahimović‘s heart found solace in the arms of Helena Seger. Beginning in 2001, their love story unfolded, intertwining their lives in a profound and enduring bond. Seger, a former Swedish model, and astute businesswoman, captured Ibrahimović’s heart, becoming his partner, confidante, and a source of unwavering support.

Their love has endured the test of time, transcending the trappings of fame and fortune. As they navigated life together, Zlatan Ibrahimović and Helena Seger were blessed with the arrival of two beloved sons, Maximilian Ibrahimović and Vincent Ibrahimović. These cherished children have brought immeasurable joy and added depth to their familial narrative, cementing the foundation of their shared love.


Here is the filmography of Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

  • 2014: Winner Stays (short film)
  • 2015: 805 Million Names – Zlatan Ibrahimovic (short film)
  • 2016: Volvo V90 Made by Sweden (short film)
  • 2017: Zlatan Ibrahimovic from 1999 to 2017 (short film)
  • 2018: FIFA 19 (video game)
  • 2021: I Am Zlatan
  • 2021: Milano Debbie
  • 2022: A.C. Milan vs A.S. Roma (TV movie)
  • 2023: Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom

Net Worth

Zlatan Ibrahimović‘s accumulated net worth is estimated to be $200 million. He is a Swedish professional footballer who plays as a striker for AC Milan in Serie A and the Swedish national team. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovićc is widely regarded as one of the best strikers ever. He has won numerous individual and team awards, including the Serie A Golden Boot in 2009 and 2012. In addition to Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and France, he has won league titles in those countries.

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