CNN Fredricka Whitfield Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Salary, Parents, Children

CNN Fredricka Whitfield Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Salary, Parents, Children

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Fredricka Whitfield (born May 31, 1965) is a revered American journalist and anchor who graces our screens from CNN’s prestigious world headquarters in Atlanta. 

With her journalistic finesse, she commands the weekend edition of CNN Newsroom, engaging viewers with each eloquent word she shares. And that’s not all – she effortlessly steps into the shoes of Kate Bolduan, adeptly filling in on CNN’s spellbinding show, At This Hour, whenever the need arises.

Beyond her anchoring prowess, Fredricka Whitfield‘s intrepid reporting takes her to the frontlines of breaking news stories, delivering firsthand accounts of pivotal events that shape our world. From the heated battlegrounds of the 2016 presidential election to the heartrending aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the solemn tragedy of the Charleston church shooting, she stands firm, keeping the world informed and connected.

Fredricka Whitfield‘s commitment to CNN since 2002 has earned her a wealth of accolades, including the prestigious Emmy Award, recognizing her exceptional coverage of the 2008 presidential election.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Fredricka Whitfield
Born: 31 May 1965 (age 58 years old)
Place of Birth: Maryland, United States
Education: Howard University
Nationality: American
Height: 1.75 m
Parents: Mal Whitfield, Nola Whitfield
Siblings: Nyna Konishi, Malvin Lonnie Whitfield, Ed Wright
Spouse: John Glenn (m. 1999)
Boyfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: Malvin Greston Whitfield Jr., Nola Amanda Glenn, Gilbert James Glenn
Occupation: Journalist • News Anchor
Net Worth: $5 million

Early Life & Education

Fredricka Whitfield, the illustrious anchor and journalist, was born on May 31, 1965, in the charming town of Burtonsville, Maryland. Her family tree boasts a legacy of athleticism, with her father, the renowned American middle-distance runner Olympian Mal Whitfield, and her mother, Nola Whitfield, a sportsperson, setting an inspiring example. 

Growing up with her siblings Nyna KonishiMalvin Lonnie Whitfield, and Ed WrightFredricka Whitfield was immersed in a world of sports and competition, witnessing her father’s Olympic achievements firsthand.

Although her upbringing surrounded her with the allure of sports, Fredricka Whitfield charted her own course, drawn to the enchanting world of journalism. Her thirst for storytelling led her to pursue a degree in journalism at the esteemed Howard University. After graduating in 1987 from the School of Communications, she embarked on her journey in broadcasting, armed with a passion for truth and a commitment to delivering unbiased news.

From her humble beginnings at WPLG-TV in Miami, Florida, Fredricka Whitfield‘s talent and dedication quickly propelled her into the limelight. In 2002, she found her true home at CNN, where she became an integral part of the network’s fabric. Over two decades later, she stands tall as one of CNN’s most prominent anchors and correspondents.


Fredricka Whitfield embarked on her captivating journey through the media landscape with her indomitable spirit and boundless curiosity. Her post-college ventures led her to the vibrant television stations of Miami’s WPLG, Washington, D.C.’s NewsChannel 8, Dallas’ KTVT, New Haven, Connecticut’s WTNH, and Charleston, South Carolina’s WCIV.

The call of the national stage beckoned, and Fredricka Whitfield heeded, joining NBC News as a correspondent and gracing the screens of NBC Nightly News from her perch in Atlanta. From 1995 to 2001, her presence illuminated mornings and afternoons as she artfully anchored and reported for many esteemed programs, including the illustrious Today.

As the curtain rose on her chapter at CNN in 2002, Fredricka Whitfield found her true journalistic home, where she continues to weave narratives that resonate across the globe. Politics, breaking news, culture, and society all fall under her inquisitive gaze, while her interviews with stars and dignitaries spotlight the stories that shape our world.

Beyond her journalistic triumphs, Fredricka Whitfield‘s heart brims with compassion and dedication to making a meaningful impact. A board member of the Atlanta Press Club and the National Association of Black Journalists, her voice amplifies vital issues, championing education and diversity within the media. Her philanthropic spirit soars high, touching lives through her support of organizations like the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

In the annals of journalism, accolades cascade upon Fredricka Whitfield like confetti, a testament to her unyielding pursuit of excellence. The Peabody Award for her riveting Hurricane Katrina coverage and the Emmy Award for her compelling reporting on the 1996 Olympic Park bombing stand as tokens of her unmatched storytelling prowess.

The National Association of Black Journalists earned her the prestigious Journalist of the Year award in 2014, recognizing her as an esteemed trailblazer. Throughout her illustrious career, Fredricka Whitfield has held aloft the torch of clarity and empathy, illuminating complex issues and captivating the hearts of her audience.

Social Media

  • Twitter handle: Fredricka Whitfield (@FWhitfield)
  • Instagram: @linktamingb58

Personal Life

Since 1999, Fredricka Whitfield has been married to John Glenn, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s director of photography. In January 2005, she gave birth to a son, Malvin Greston Whitfield Jr., and in November 2012, she gave birth to a pair of fraternal twins, daughter Nola Amanda Glenn and son Gilbert James Glenn

Fredricka Whitfield‘s life also includes her role as a mother to three children. She has been married to John Glenn since 1999, and the couple has two daughters and a son together. Despite her busy career, Whitfield has always made time for her family, often sharing photos and stories of her children on social media.

Despite her busy schedule as a journalist and a mother, Fredricka Whitfield also finds time to give back to her community. She is actively involved in various charitable organizations and often participates in events and fundraisers to support causes close to her heart.

Net Worth

Fredricka Whitfield has accumulated an estimated net worth is $5 million. It is safe to say that she has had a successful career in journalism. 

She has worked for major news networks such as CNN and NBC and has covered some of the most significant events in recent history. Additionally, her involvement in various charitable organizations and events suggests that she strongly desires to give back to her community and make a difference in the world. 

Regardless of her financial status, Whitfield’s impact on the world extends far beyond her bank account.

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