QD Egun Agba Biography: Age | Songs | Net Worth | Secret Facts & More

QD Egun Agba Biography: Age | Songs | Net Worth | Secret Facts & More

May 30, 2020 1 By TheCityCeleb

QD Egun Agba Biography

Real NameAdeosi Quddus David
Stage NameQD Egun Agba
Date Of BirthJuly 31, 1993
State Of OriginOgun State
Profession(s)Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
AssociationCivilian Mopol Movement
Net WorthNot Est.

Born Adeosi Quddus David but became professionally known as QD Egun Agba is a 26 years old Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter.

QD Egun Agba was conceived on July 31, 1993 in Akoka; a region in Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria where he had 90% of his youth experience but he’s an indigene of Ogun State.

He hit the spotlight in the wake of releasing a few singles using web-based social networking and online journals as platform for reaching out to his audience. He’s a currently a student of University Of Lagos.

QD Egun Agba is heavily linked and affiliated to “Civilian Mopol Movement” which is acronymized “CMM.”

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While growing up in the street of Lagos, Akoka in Bariga absolutely, QD Egun Agba discovered love for music and promptly grasped it.

QD Egun Agba not exclusively being imaginatively and flexible melodiously yet his capacity to cause you to appreciate the indigenous streams and tail him as he include contacts of English makes him stand out.

He’s dropped sizzling singles which has gotten monstrous replays and airplays including weighty streams on online journals and advanced stages.

QD Egun Agba is one capable rapper Nigerian’s honored with and he’s declared that he’s dropping his pending Extended Playlist which is set to wow all great music sweethearts soon.

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QD Egun Agba Net Worth

It is strictly advised to disregard any estimated net worth of QD Egun Agba seen anywhere as his net worth is still under estimation.


QD Egun Agba have released some massively accepted singles which include;

  • Street.
  • Egun Agba.
  • On Guard.
  • Pills and Bills.
  • I Am God (Freestyle).
  • Alone.
  • Dreams featuring Soulze.

Social Media

To connect with the talented Nigerian rapper, QD Egun Agba, use the following medium;

  • Instagram: @QD_EgunAgba.
  • Twitter: @QD_EgunAgba.
  • Facebook: @QD EgunAgba.

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