Full Story: Toyin Abraham’s Influence Leads to Controversial Arrest of Ayo

July 10, 2024 0 Posted By Kaptain Kush

Toyin Abraham undeniably embodies the typical “Nigerian elite,” presenting herself as an opportunist with a patched ego who enjoys the benefits of fortune while dismissing the plight of the less fortunate.

I was deeply disheartened tonight upon learning about the senseless arrest of @jeffrybest11‘s mother and wife—an arrest based on a miscalculated, wrongly alleged, and easily dismissible offense.

The Incident:

According to El Jefe, Toyin Abraham called the police to arrest him for allegedly “cyber-bullying” her and her son. Using a SIM card, they tracked his family’s residence. In their typical brash manner and without proper diligence, the police traced El Jefe‘s mother’s shop in Egbeda and arrested the innocent elderly woman and her daughter.

The arrest was influenced by Toyin Abraham, a celebrity and staunch supporter of “Baba” (Tinubu), as Seyi Tinubu affirmed his loyalty to her. Given her status and connections, the police were compelled to act swiftly without proper investigation.

Toyin Abraham‘s influence reaches the highest echelons of power, and she has access to both wealth and political connections. This power dynamic allowed her to have El Jefe‘s mother and sister arrested without cause.

As the news of the arrest spread and gained traction on social media, Toyin Abraham, realizing the gravity of the situation, attempted to discredit El Jefe‘s tweet. However, the backlash forced her to retract her statement and instruct the police to release the wrongfully detained individuals.

Before this, El Jefe had contacted his friend Ayo, Toyin‘s primary target from the start, to help. Ayo (@47kasz) had previously tweeted at Toyin in response to her curse, “e no go better for you.” Feeling affronted, Toyin swore to use her connections to teach Ayo a lesson.

The police, under pressure from high-level calls, arrested innocent people without proper investigation. After being informed by El Jefe, Ayo went to the police station to turn himself in. The police immediately took him into custody for allegedly “cyber-bullyingToyin Abraham.

This incident starkly reveals Toyin Abraham‘s misuse of her privileged position to infringe on the rights of innocent Nigerians. Arbitrarily arresting an innocent woman and her daughter for a baseless accusation against her son demonstrates a blatant abuse of power.

The situation underscores the failures of our judicial system, where individuals with power and connections can easily manipulate the system to oppress the less privileged. Toyin Abraham‘s actions reveal her as an “opportunist elite“, exploiting her status to unjustly wield the power of a flawed justice system.

Her behaviour is reminiscent of someone who would provoke a conflict, cry victim, and then unleash retaliatory actions while maintaining a facade of innocence to others.

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