100+ Trendy Anime Names for Boys and Girls with Meanings

Posted By Kaptain Kush January 9, 2024

Anime culture goes beyond mere entertainment; it serves as a wellspring of inspiration for names, each imbued with unique meanings and flair. Whether you’re a dedicated anime enthusiast or on the quest for a distinctive name for your child, this compilation of trendy anime names for boys and girls, accompanied by their meanings, promises to spark your creativity.

Originating in Japan, anime has evolved into a global phenomenon, seamlessly blending cultural, art, and entertainment elements. Consequently, anime names carry a rich history and significance, attracting an increasing number of modern parents seeking to bestow them upon their children. If you’re searching for anime-inspired names for your little one, delve into this list for a range of captivating options.

Trendy Anime Characters

Interestingly, not all anime names trace their origins to Japan. Despite its Japanese roots, the anime phenomenon has transcended cultural boundaries, drawing inspiration from various cultures to create diverse names.

100+ Trendy Anime Names for Boys and Girls

Selecting a name for your child offers countless options, but the truly cool ones resonate with you and hold personal significance. Given the many choices, navigating the vast sea of potential names for your little one can be overwhelming. Thus, your chosen name should align with your instincts and feel right in your heart.

Anime Characters

Anime Character Names For Boys

A charming name delights the mind and rolls off the tongue effortlessly. Explore this list of top-notch male anime names that fit the bill perfectly.

Boy Anime Character
  1. Haruto (陽翔):
    • Meaning: “Sun Soar”
  2. Kaito (海斗):
    • Meaning: “Ocean Fight”
  3. Renji (蓮司):
    • Meaning: “Lotus Officer”
  4. Hikaru (光):
    • Meaning: “Radiance”
  5. Daichi (大地):
    • Meaning: “Earth”
  6. Kazuki (一希):
    • Meaning: “Hopeful Shining”
  7. Akira (明):
    • Meaning: “Bright” or “Clear”
  8. Takumi (巧):
    • Meaning: “Skillful”
  9. Ryota (亮太):
    • Meaning: “Clear, Big”
  10. Sora (空):
    • Meaning: “Sky”
  11. Yuto (悠斗):
    • Meaning: “Distant Soar”
  12. Hiroshi (浩):
    • Meaning: “Abundant”
  13. Akihiko (明彦):
    • Meaning: “Bright Prince”
  14. Tetsuya (哲也):
    • Meaning: “Philosophical”
  15. Yukihiro (幸弘):
    • Meaning: “Broad Happiness”
  16. Makoto (誠):
    • Meaning: “Sincere”
  17. Shinji (慎二):
    • Meaning: “True Second”
  18. Kazuya (和也):
    • Meaning: “Harmonious”
  19. Hayato (颯人):
    • Meaning: “Swift Person”
  20. Taichi (太一):
    • Meaning: “Big One”
  21. Satoshi (聡):
    • Meaning: “Wise”
  22. Riku (陸):
    • Meaning: “Land”
  23. Koji (浩二):
    • Meaning: “Abundant Second”
  24. Kenshin (謙信):
    • Meaning: “Humble Trust”
  25. Haruki (春樹):
    • Meaning: “Spring Tree”
  26. Raiden (雷電):
    • Meaning: “Thunder and Lightning”
  27. Yusuke (雄介):
    • Meaning: “Heroic Help”
  28. Genji (源二):
    • Meaning: “Origin Second”
  29. Toshiro (俊郎):
    • Meaning: “Talented Son”
  30. Hiroki (寛樹):
    • Meaning: “Generous Tree”
  31. Ren (蓮):
    • Meaning: “Lotus”
  32. Ryo (涼):
    • Meaning: “Cool”
  33. Yamato (大和):
    • Meaning: “Great Harmony”
  34. Kento (健人):
    • Meaning: “Healthy Person”
  35. Shohei (翔平):
    • Meaning: “Soar Peace”
  36. Kotaro (虎太郎):
    • Meaning: “Big Tiger”
  37. Katsuki (勝樹):
    • Meaning: “Victorious Tree”
  38. Shun (俊):
    • Meaning: “Smart”
  39. Itsuki (樹):
    • Meaning: “Tree”
  40. Rui (涙):
    • Meaning: “Tears”
  41. Asuka (明日香):
    • Meaning: “Tomorrow’s Fragrance”
  42. Takashi (隆):
    • Meaning: “Prosperous”
  43. Yasuhiro (康宏):
    • Meaning: “Healthy Abundance”
  44. Kenta (健太):
    • Meaning: “Healthy Big”
  45. Daisuke (大輔):
    • Meaning: “Big Help”
  46. Kazuma (一真):
    • Meaning: “One Reality”
  47. Hayabusa (隼):
    • Meaning: “Peregrine Falcon”
  48. Jiro (次郎):
    • Meaning: “Second Son”
  49. Yoshito (義人):
    • Meaning: “Righteous Person”
  50. Yosuke (陽介):
    • Meaning: “Sun Help”

Anime Character Names for Girls

Choosing a name for your daughter is a significant responsibility, blending both enjoyment and stress for most parents. Always delve into the meaning of a name before making a decision. If you’re an anime enthusiast, explore these anime-inspired nicknames for your newborn daughter.

Girl Anime Character
  1. Hana (花):
    • Meaning: “Flower”
  2. Airi (愛莉):
    • Meaning: “Love Jasmine”
  3. Natsuki (夏希):
    • Meaning: “Summer Hope”
  4. Yui (結衣):
    • Meaning: “Binding Cloth”
  5. Sakura (桜):
    • Meaning: “Cherry Blossom”
  6. Ami (亜美):
    • Meaning: “Asia Beautiful”
  7. Emi (笑美):
    • Meaning: “Smiling Beauty”
  8. Kokoro (心):
    • Meaning: “Heart”
  9. Aya (彩):
    • Meaning: “Color”
  10. Mio (美緒):
    • Meaning: “Beautiful Thread”
  11. Haruka (遥):
    • Meaning: “Distant”
  12. Riko (理子):
    • Meaning: “Child of Truth”
  13. Yuki (雪):
    • Meaning: “Snow”
  14. Mana (愛菜):
    • Meaning: “Love Greens”
  15. Rina (莉奈):
    • Meaning: “White Jasmine”
  16. Aika (愛香):
    • Meaning: “Love Fragrance”
  17. Kira (奇良):
    • Meaning: “Wonderful”
  18. Miku (美空):
    • Meaning: “Beautiful Sky”
  19. Mitsuki (美月):
    • Meaning: “Beautiful Moon”
  20. Yumeko (夢子):
    • Meaning: “Dream Child”
  21. Sora (宙):
    • Meaning: “Sky”
  22. Mayu (繭):
    • Meaning: “Cocoon”
  23. Fumiko (文子):
    • Meaning: “Child of Literature”
  24. Izumi (泉):
    • Meaning: “Spring”
  25. Rio (莉央):
    • Meaning: “White Tail”
  26. Hinata (陽向):
    • Meaning: “Sunlight”
  27. Nanami (七海):
    • Meaning: “Seven Seas”
  28. Ayaka (彩香):
    • Meaning: “Color Fragrance”
  29. Ayame (彩女):
    • Meaning: “Colorful Woman”
  30. Kaori (香織):
    • Meaning: “Fragrance”
  31. Miyu (美優):
    • Meaning: “Beautiful Gentle”
  32. Tomoe (巴):
    • Meaning: “Circle”
  33. Kasumi (霞):
    • Meaning: “Mist”
  34. Satsuki (皐月):
    • Meaning: “May”
  35. Asumi (明日美):
    • Meaning: “Beautiful Tomorrow”
  36. Kiyomi (清美):
    • Meaning: “Pure Beauty”
  37. Yoshiko (良子):
    • Meaning: “Good Child”
  38. Yuko (裕子):
    • Meaning: “Abundant Child”
  39. Kanako (佳奈子):
    • Meaning: “Beautiful Nara”
  40. Eriko (絵里子):
    • Meaning: “Blessed Child”
  41. Asami (麻美):
    • Meaning: “Hemp Beauty”
  42. Risa (理沙):
    • Meaning: “Village Sand”
  43. Hikari (光):
    • Meaning: “Light”
  44. Mai (舞):
    • Meaning: “Dance”
  45. Nozomi (望):
    • Meaning: “Hope”
  46. Yoriko (頼子):
    • Meaning: “Reliable Child”
  47. Ayumi (歩美):
    • Meaning: “Walking Beauty”
  48. Yuri (百合):
    • Meaning: “Lily”
  49. Chisato (千里):
    • Meaning: “A Thousand Miles”
  50. Ryoko (涼子):
    • Meaning: “Cool Child”

Unisex Anime Character Names

Unisex anime character names bring versatility to storytelling, transcending traditional gender norms with a creative flair. From strong and adventurous to gentle and charming, these names add depth and appeal to characters in the animated realm. Embracing the fluidity of unisex names enhances the uniqueness and memorability of anime characters for enthusiasts worldwide.

Unisex Anime Character
  1. Kai (甲斐):
    • Meaning: “Triumph” or “Worth”
  2. Sora (空):
    • Meaning: “Sky”
  3. Ren (蓮):
    • Meaning: “Lotus”
  4. Haru (春):
    • Meaning: “Spring”
  5. Hinata(陽向):
    • Meaning: “Sunny Place”
  6. Ren (蓮):
    • Meaning: “Lotus”
  7. Nozomu (望):
    • Meaning: “Hopeful”
  8. Yuuki (結城):
    • Meaning: “Binding Castle”
  9. Aoi (葵):
    • Meaning: “Blue”
  10. Tsubasa (翼):
    • Meaning: “Wings”
  11. Hikaru (光):
    • Meaning: “Light”
  12. Yoru (夜):
    • Meaning: “Night”
  13. Hana (花):
    • Meaning: “Flower”
  14. Kira (吉良):
    • Meaning: “Fortunate” or “Lucky”
  15. Yuki (由紀):
    • Meaning: “Reason, Hope”
  16. Asuka (明日香):
    • Meaning: “Tomorrow’s Fragrance”
  17. Rei (礼):
    • Meaning: “Gratitude” or “Respect”
  18. Aki (秋):
    • Meaning: “Autumn”
  19. Haruka (遥):
    • Meaning: “Distant”
  20. Kaito (海斗):
    • Meaning: “Ocean Soar”

In today’s world, there’s a plethora of anime names available for both boys and girls. The list provided above is intended to assist you in finding the perfect one for your child. Feel free to explore and select names that resonate with you or fulfill your creative preferences!

Anime Characters Names

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