Aunty Esther Faces Backlash for Business Promo in Suicide-Related Tweet

Posted By Kaptain Kush

A Twitter storm erupted around Esther Ezinne Adaoma, popularly known as Aunty Esther, a businesswoman and personal market shopper. The controversy stems from her decision to promote her business in the context of a tweet discussing suicide, sparking a heated debate among Twitter users.

The incident gained traction when Aunty Esther intertwined her business marketing with a tweet addressing suicide. While some users condemned the move, others questioned the apparent selective outrage surrounding the situation.

Twitter users expressed their discontent with comments such as, “You people didn’t drag the main post for catching cruise with something as sensitive as suicide, na aunty Esther una dey drag,” highlighting the perceived inconsistency in the online community’s response.

One user emphasized the intentionality behind Aunty Esther‘s actions, stating, “There’s nothing funny or cute about what Aunty Esther does. It is also very intentional from her end.”

The controversy didn’t escape the lens of irony, with comments pointing out the hypocrisy in tolerating certain posts while drawing the line at business promotion. “Hypocrisy alleys now, Y’all would entertain trolls on your post, but when someone doing business tries to post their business on that post, that’s where you draw the line,” one user pointed out.

Defenders of Aunty Esther questioned the disproportionate attention, emphasizing that the original post containing the suicide-related content was initially taken lightly as a form of “cruise.” They argued that Aunty Esther merely seized the opportunity to showcase her business.

The suicide post was a cruise, everyone was cruising in the comments, and Aunty Esther chose to sell her market instead. What is the problem here??? Until you all start to give this fake outrage energy to other vendors, it’s all noise!” a Twitter user exclaimed.

The unfolding drama has brought to light the nuanced dynamics of online discussions, where outrage and support can be subjective and contingent on the context. As Aunty Esther finds herself at the center of this social media storm, the incident serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding content reception in the ever-evolving digital communication landscape.

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