Supernatural Power vs Natural Power: Batman – Case Study

Supernatural Power vs Natural Power: Batman – Case Study

Posted By Prosper Okezie

From the outset I wasn’t a devotee of the Batman. I felt he was too overhyped for a conventional man with no genuine super powers. The loss of Superman at his hands just served to build my aversion for the character.

Nonetheless, as I plunked down to examine Batman: The Caped Crusader, I began to uncover certain parts of his character that reverberated with my philosophical standards and this acquired him a spot in the pantheon of my most loved superheroes ever.

The primary thing that struck about the Dark Knight is the reality he had no genuine forces like his counterparts e.g Superman, Flash and so on. However this apparently ‘frail’ superhuman was relied upon to utilize muscles with the large young men.

Batman is the result of the inquiry: what might it take for the ordinary man to turn into a hero? The appropriate response is straightforward: money, cerebrums and muscle.


First, Bruce Wayne is third most extravagant comic book hero with an expected net worth of 90 billion dollars (the lone more extravagant characters are Black Panther and Iron Man). With this sort of abundance he has survey to all way of innovation and assets.

Brains (Intellect)

Furthermore, Batman is the third most intelligent character in the comic book universe with an expected IQ of 192 (the lone characters above him are Reed Richards and Lex Luthor who has an IQ of 225). So actually Batman is more shrewd than Albert Eistein whose IQ is supposed to be between 140 to 160.


Presently, Batman isn’t the most grounded hero yet he is genuinely the most grounded human in the comic book universe. This is on the grounds that he prepared himself to accomplish the actual pinnacle of human genuineness. He is a prepared stunt-devil, acrobat with information on 127 hand to hand fighting.

So what those the account of Batman educate us? To accomplish the level of a divine being a man should build up his psyche, his body and his monetary worth. This is stand whereupon the apotheosis of man can be achieved.

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