Unmasking Shadows: India’s Top 10 Notorious Gangsters

Posted By Kaptain Kush

India, with its rich history and diverse culture, reflects the complexity of its heritage. Amidst vibrant landscapes and varied traditions, a separate story has unfolded—one marked by notorious criminals who have left a lasting mark on the underworld. This dual existence, where history echoes alongside the shadowy exploits of infamous figures, adds intrigue to the nation’s multifaceted identity.

In exploring this hidden world, this piece reveals the mysterious profiles of the top 10 gangsters influencing India’s underworld. Like a dark character in a complex story, each person contributes to the ongoing saga of secret activities and power struggles shaping the nation’s underground dynamics. As we navigate this intricate web woven by these influential personalities, we gain insight into the intricate interplay between history, culture, and the shadowy underworld existing alongside the more visible aspects of India’s diverse identity.

1. Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim, a spectral puppeteer orchestrating the Mumbai underworld with an elusive grace, stands at the pinnacle of this shadowy hierarchy. Allegedly ensconced in undisclosed sanctuaries, Dawood’s association with terrorism and organized crime has rendered him an ever-elusive spectre haunting the echelons of law enforcement.

2. Chhota Rajan

From Dawood‘s lieutenant to a formidable rival, Chhota Rajan‘s metamorphosis into a strategic maven propelled him into the annals of criminal lore. His saga is steeped in fierce gang wars, punctuated with the nuances of extortion and chilling contract killings.

3. Abu Salem

Enter Abu Salem, a malevolent player in the Mumbai underworld, whose notoriety surged after his involvement in the harrowing 1993 Bombay bombings. Extricated from the shores of Portugal, Salem now grapples with an array of charges, from murder to extortion.

4. Arun Gawli

A phoenix rising from the ashes of the Mumbai underworld, Arun Gawli, colloquially known as “Daddy,” navigated the criminal labyrinth of the ’80s and ’90s before metamorphosing into a political juggernaut. His dual existence continues to be punctuated by criminal accusations.

5. Ravi Pujari

Ravi Pujari, a name echoing across borders, is a malevolent impresario operating internationally. His repertoire includes extortion, threats, and a shapeshifting evasion from justice across global landscapes.

6. Rajendra Nikalje

While not a marquee name like his sibling Chhota Rajan, Rajendra Nikalje etches his own narrative in the tapestry of Indian crime, deserving a discreet yet significant spot on this nefarious roster.

7. Munna Jhingada

The saga of Munna Jhingada, a confederate of Chhota Rajan, unfolds against multiple shootouts and an expansive web of criminal intrigue. His extradition saga from Thailand to India adds a layer of international drama to his criminal odyssey.

8. Ejaz Lakdawala

Once a confidant of Dawood Ibrahim, Ejaz Lakdawala‘s trajectory meandered from mob enforcer to police informant before reverting to a life of crime. Involved in extortion and land-grabbing machinations, his fugitive status underscores his complex narrative.

9. Sandeep Gadoli

A protagonist in Haryana’s criminal tableau, Sandeep Gadoli etched his narrative with the brushstrokes of audacious criminality. His demise unfolded in the throes of a contentious police encounter in 2016.

10. Vikas Dubey

Although not fitting the traditional gangster mould, Vikas Dubey catapulted to notoriety following the ominous Kanpur shootout in 2020. His labyrinthine connections within the political spectrum added an unexpected twist to his criminal chronicle.


As the subterranean currents of India’s criminal underworld persistently evolve, the top 10 infamous gangsters exemplify the intricate dance between crime, politics, and societal nuances. This shadowy tapestry reveals a complex tableau where the lines between law and lawlessness blur, challenging law enforcement to navigate the intricate maze of organized crime.

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