Why Do We Get Married When We Can Just Fornicate and Have Babies?

Posted By Kaptain Kush January 1, 2024

In a world where traditional norms are constantly evolving, the question arises: Why do people choose the institution of marriage when alternatives like fornication and co-parenting seem to be increasingly accepted?

1. Cultural Significance

Marriage has deep-rooted cultural significance across societies. It often symbolizes the union of families, the continuation of traditions, and the strengthening of social bonds. Many individuals still value the cultural aspects attached to marriage, finding a sense of identity and belonging in this age-old institution.

2. Legal and Financial Stability

Marriage brings legal and financial benefits beyond mere cohabitation. Spousal rights, inheritance benefits, and tax advantages are among the legal perks that married couples enjoy. Financial stability, pooled resources, and joint planning are often cited as reasons to formalize a relationship through marriage.

3. Emotional Commitment

 Marriage signifies a formal commitment to a long-term, emotional connection. While fornication and co-parenting can involve deep emotional ties, the institution of marriage often provides a recognized and celebrated platform for couples to declare their commitment to one another publicly.

4. Family Structure and Stability

For many, marriage provides a stable foundation for raising children. The societal emphasis on nuclear family structures and the desire to create a secure environment for children’s upbringing often drive couples to choose marriage over other arrangements.

5. Religious Values 

In various religious traditions, marriage is considered sacred and is often associated with moral and spiritual principles. Many individuals adhere to religious teachings that uphold the sanctity of marriage as a divine institution.

6. Social Acceptance

Despite changing norms, societal acceptance and validation play a role in individuals’ marriage decisions. Marriage is still widely seen as a socially accepted form of commitment, and couples may choose it to align with societal expectations.

While fornication and co-parenting have become more prevalent in contemporary society, marriage persists as a multifaceted institution with cultural, legal, emotional, and religious dimensions. Individuals choose marriage for various reasons, and the decision often reflects personal values, societal norms, and the desire for a committed and stable relationship. As societal perspectives evolve, the motivations behind choosing marriage or alternative arrangements will likely remain diverse and reflective of individual beliefs and priorities.

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