The Whittakers Bio: All You Need to Know About The Most Inbred Family Tree

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The Whittakers are regarded as the most inbred family in the United States because every member is related; however, recent records reveal that their parents were cousins rather than brother and sister, as previously assumed.

Because The Whittakers are genetically and biologically related, no one can piece together their family history.

In addition, the neighborhood in which The Whittakers family resides acts as a barrier, hindering interactions with them. Moreover, they conceal their family history, adding to the difficulty of unraveling their past.

However, in 2020, a shocking video showcasing the lives of The Whittakers gained widespread attention when it was uploaded on the Soft White Underbelly channel, becoming viral.

Since then, The Whittakers have become the center of attention, sparking speculation among numerous individuals regarding the events that might have unfolded within their family.


NameThe Whitakers
FatherJohn Whittaker
Place of residenceOdd, West Virginia
Video uploaded bySoft White Underbelly
DateJuly 4 2020
Video made byMark Latia
Family memberLorraine, Ray, and Timmy

The Whittakers Family Overview

The Whittakers family is from Odd, West Virginia, where they reside. They are widely regarded as the most popular inbred family in the country.

According to the records, The Whittakers family rose to prominence after being photographed by Mark Laita for his book Created Equal in 2004.

This demonstrates how well The Whittakers are protected in Odd, West Virginia. Mark Laita revealed that while attempting to photograph the family, he received threats from neighbors and had to explain why he was doing so before the locals permitted him.

Mark Latia will return to The Whittakers family in Odd, Virginia, in 2020. This time, he made a video of the visit, which quickly went viral.

The video, titled “Inbred Family: The Whittakers,” by Mark Latia, has received over 19 million views, 250 thousand likes, and over 12,000 disapproving comments.

The The Whittakers, an elderly British family, were seen in the film working on their father’s farm and living in a small Appalachian town.

According to the video, The Whittakers struggled to make ends meet in their small home with numerous dogs.

The Whittakers Family Members

Ray, Lorraine, Timmy, Freddie, an unnamed sister, three siblings, and a cousin make up The Whittakers. However, it is believed that a few family members have yet to be contacted.

A doctor has not yet examined The Whittakers, but some believe that inbreeding is to blame for some health issues.
Their father, John Whittaker, worked as a coal miner while their mother, Gracie, cared for the household.

Unfortunately, John passed away from a heart attack, and Gracie lost her battle with cancer.

The Whittakers family consists of four members, including two other brothers, Kenneth and Larry, who reside nearby. Kenneth and Larry possess comparatively eloquent speech skills. Notably, Larry named his daughter Betty in honor of her late aunt.

Various commentators from the Appalachian region hold diverse opinions regarding The Whittakers family’s lineage and the potential factors contributing to the siblings’ physical challenges and abnormalities. For example, Michelle Cole expressed her views on the matter.

Known Family Members

  • Betty Whittaker (born 1952)
  • Lorene Whittaker (born 1946)
  • Timmy Whittaker (born 1979)
  • Ray Whittaker (born 1953)
  • Larry Whittaker (born 1956)
  • Kenneth Whittaker (born 1957)
  • Matthew Whittaker (born 1984)
  • Thomas Whittaker (born 1958)
  • Jason Whittaker (born 1978)

Known deceased family members

  • Barbara Whittaker (1940–2008)[9]
  • Freddy Whittaker (1944–2013)
  • John Whittaker (1950–2022)

Where Do They Reside

The Whittakers live in Odd, West Virginia. The family lives in a safe neighborhood. They are not accessible to everyone. Neighbors chase away anyone taking pictures of the family or making fun of them.

Net Worth

Mark offered them food and money during his 2020 visit. According to the video, they live in deplorable conditions, and there is a good chance that The Whittakers family does not work and has a low annual income in southwestern West Virginia.

Mark also launched a GoFundMe campaign on 11 November 2021 to help renovate their home, particularly the dilapidated roof, and windows. With a donation of approximately $46,500, the campaign was able to assist the family. The funds also covered the medical costs for Lorraine and Timmy’s heart attacks in 2020 and 2021.

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