Anna McNulty Biography: Boyfriend, Age, Store, Height, Net Worth, Sister, Flexibility, Instagram, YouTube, Workout

Anna McNulty Biography: Boyfriend, Age, Store, Height, Net Worth, Sister, Flexibility, Instagram, YouTube, Workout

June 2, 2023 Posted By Lorenza Nicolas


Anna McNulty (born April 26, 2002) is a Canadian media personality who effortlessly captivates as a social media maven, dancer extraordinaire, model, and contortionist. Her dazzling ascent on Instagram, where a legion of over 1 million followers marvel at her unparalleled flexibility and contortion prowess, has cemented her status as a digital sensation.

But Anna McNulty‘s star power extends beyond the virtual realm, as she shines brightly on YouTube. With her dance tutorials, vibrant vlogs, and captivating lifestyle content, she enchants viewers, whisking them away on an enthralling journey.

Not confined to the digital stage, Anna McNulty‘s artistry graces the world’s grandest arenas as a professional dancer. Her performances are a symphony of grace and expression, leaving audiences spellbound.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Anna McNulty
Born: 26 April 2002 (age 21 years old)
Place of Birth: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Education: Saint John High School
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 1.57 m
Parents: McNulty, Charlene McNulty
Siblings: Grace McNulty
Spouse: Not Married
Boyfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Occupation: YouTuber • Internet Personality
Net Worth: $700,000

Early Life & Education

Anna McNulty, a radiant soul, was born on April 26, 2002, in the enchanting city of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Her father, known as McNulty, dedicates his days to serving the government, while her nurturing mother, Charlene McNulty, embraces the noble role of a devoted homemaker.

Growing up in the warm embrace of a Christian household, Anna McNulty shared her journey with her beloved elder sister, Grace McNulty. Guided by the faith instilled by their devout parents, her path was illuminated with love and spiritual wisdom. 

Her formative years were spent attending Saint John High School, where she blossomed into a seeker of knowledge, graduating in 2019. As she stands at the precipice of the future, the vast realm of higher education beckons, a decision that lingers in the realm of possibilities.

With a passion kindled by the ethereal artistry of gymnastics, Anna McNulty found solace in the captivating world of cheerleading at a tender age. A symphony of movement, her body became an instrument of grace, embodying the essence of youthful vibrancy and spirited energy.

Today, as she stands at the crossroads of her journey, Anna McNulty‘s focus turns toward her captivating YouTube channel, a canvas upon which she paints the hues of her passion. Drawn to the artistry of gymnastics since childhood, she captivates her audience with mesmerizing flexibility and contortion skills, a testament to her unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Personal Life

Contrary to recent rumors, Anna McNulty is not dating anyone. She took to Twitter to set the record straight, saying she is currently single and uninterested in dating.

For now, it seems Anna McNulty is focused on her career and her fans. She is currently working on new projects and has said that she is excited to share with her followers.


Anna McNulty, a captivating self-taught contortionist, possesses an innate zeal for aiding others in their pursuit of enhanced flexibility and overall well-being. From a tender age, the allure of gymnastics has enraptured her, nurturing a profound passion that continues to bloom. At the tender age of ten, she immersed herself in the vibrant world of cheerleading, a gateway to rhythmic movement and artistic expression.

In a fortuitous twist of fate, Anna McNulty‘s path intertwined with that of Angel Rice, a luminary in gymnastics, during the radiant month of April 2015. This encounter opened doors to the enchanting domain of Rothesay Ballet School, where she embarked on a dance voyage, her lithe form harmonizing with the graceful cadence that pulsed through her veins.

With the advent of 2017, Anna McNulty unfurled her artistic wings in the expansive realm of YouTube. Her channel became a digital tapestry, showcasing mesmerizing gymnastic dance routines and glimpses into her daily rituals. Her remarkable adaptability captured viewers’ hearts, resulting in a blossoming YouTube community of over 3.3 million subscribers, entranced by her otherworldly performances.

Anna McNulty‘s offerings are a treasure trove of delights within the hallowed sanctuary of her YouTube domain. From enthralling flexibility and workout challenges to invigorating exercise routines and engaging Q&A sessions, her charismatic presence captivates her devoted audience. Beyond the realm of YouTube, her magnetic aura extends to the captivating realm of TikTok, where over 7.4 million followers seek solace in her alluring videos, bewitched by the enchantment she effortlessly conjures.

Anna McNulty‘s digital footprint has left an indelible mark on the landscape, with millions of views and countless hearts touched by her mesmerizing videos. Yet, her digital odyssey expands further as she graces the realm of Instagram, sharing tantalizing workout videos and captivating photographs. Within this realm, she has amassed a dedicated following of over 1 million souls who find inspiration and solace within the enchanting tapestry she weaves.

Net Worth

Anna McNulty is a social media personality, dancer, and contortionist with a net worth of $700,000. She has amassed her fortune through her successful career as a dancer.

Anna McNulty began her career as a dancer and contortionist, performing in various shows and events. She soon transitioned into social media, building a large following of fans interested in her unique skills and talents.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @Annaemcnulty
  • Twitter handle: @Annaemcnulty
  • TikTok handle: @Annaemcnulty
  • YouTube: Anna McNulty

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