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Adelfa Marr (born August 3, 1992) is an extraordinary American actress, freelance writer, and life coach who captivates the hearts of many with her exceptional talents and remarkable life journey. 

She is widely recognized as the cherished wife of the renowned American actor Manny Montana. Adelfa Marr‘s presence on the big screen and television has left an indelible imprint, particularly her unforgettable portrayal in the acclaimed film “Good Girls.”

But her prowess extends far beyond her acting prowess. Her captivating gift for the written word has garnered her great success as a sought-after freelance writer. Her insightful and compelling articles have found a home in prestigious publications, showcasing her ability to enrapture readers with her prose. Yet, her creative brilliance doesn’t stop there.

Adelfa Marr has embraced the noble path of a certified life coach in a fascinating turn of events. Armed with profound wisdom and boundless empathy, she has guided countless individuals on transformative journeys of self-discovery and personal growth. Her remarkable ability to unlock the dormant potential within others has earned her the utmost admiration and respect.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Adelfa Marr
Born: 3 August 1992 (age 31 years old)
Place of Birth: Long Beach, California, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.67 m
Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: Manny Montana (m. 2016)
Boyfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: 1
Occupation: Actress • Writer
Net Worth: $5 million

Early Life & Education

Adelfa Marr, a captivating talent born and bred in the United States of America, entered this world on August 3, 1992. Her remarkable heritage is a tapestry of diverse cultural influences, as she proudly carries African-American and Latina roots.

Her thirst for knowledge and intellectual growth led her to the prestigious halls of Guttman Community College in the vibrant city of New York. It was there that she embarked on a transformative educational journey, ultimately earning a coveted bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences in the year 2014. This academic milestone was a testament to her dedication and commitment to expanding her intellectual horizons.

While Adelfa Marr‘s dazzling presence shines brightly in acting, writing, and life coaching, she has chosen to keep the details of her familial connections as a cherished private realm. Her decision to safeguard this intimate aspect of her life speaks volumes about her deep appreciation for personal boundaries and the sanctity of her loved ones. 

Personal Life

Adelfa Marr and the esteemed American actor Manny Montana has woven a beautiful love story together as they bask in the warm embrace of marital bliss. The fateful spark of their connection ignited in 2015, propelling them into a journey of love and companionship that would forever change their lives. 

In a whispered ceremony, shrouded in secrecy and romance, the couple exchanged vows in a location known only to them, sealing their commitment to one another.

The blossoming of their union bore sweet fruit as they welcomed a precious addition to their lives. A year after their sacred union, their hearts overflowed with joy as their beloved son entered the world. While the curtain of privacy gracefully shields their son’s name and identity from prying eyes, Adelfa Marr and Manny Montana embrace the immense privilege of nurturing a little soul full of health and happiness.


Adelfa Marr, a true Renaissance soul, effortlessly navigates a tapestry of diverse pursuits. As a life coach, freelance writer, actress, and irresistible force in social media, she weaves a symphony of talents that leaves an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to encounter her brilliance.

Her foray into life coaching commenced in 2019 when she unveiled her innate ability to guide and inspire. Through the virtual realm, she harnesses the power of online sessions, offering spiritual and personal guidance to seekers from all walks of life. Embracing themes of holistic well-being, she imparts wisdom on healthy living, exercise, self-care, and the transformative journey of self-love.

Nestled within the digital landscape of her self-titled website, Adelfa Marr creates a sanctuary for introspection and growth. Beyond her captivating life counseling services, her blog is a platform for her versatile writing prowess. From skincare suggestions to captivating music playlists, her words traverse a myriad of subjects, captivating readers with her unique perspective.

Her creative footprint extends beyond the boundaries of her website, as Adelfa’s words find a home in esteemed publications such as 21Ninety. Here, she joins forces with a community of like-minded individuals, using her eloquent prose to empower and uplift multicultural women. Her articles delve into the depths of motherhood and the sacred art of self-care, painting a vivid picture of resilience and self-discovery.

Yet, Adelfa Marr‘s artistic journey does not end with the written word. She graces the silver screen, captivating audiences with her acting prowess. In the acclaimed TV series Good Girls, she breathes life into the character of Dylan, showcasing her versatility as an actress and adding depth to the narrative tapestry. This creative pursuit becomes enchanting as she shares this stage with her beloved husband, whose talent shines alongside hers.

Beyond her roles as a coach, writer, and actress, Adelfa Marr wields the power of social media to connect and inspire. With an ardent following of approximately 80,000 on Instagram, she creates a digital gallery of lifestyle images that invite viewers into her enchanting world. Through each post, she encapsulates the essence of her multifaceted existence, leaving her followers captivated by her authenticity and grace.

Net Worth

Adelfa Marr has an estimated net worth of $5 million. She is an American actress, freelancer, and life coach. Marr has appeared in several films and television shows throughout her career. 

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @Adelfamarr
  • Twitter handle: N/A         


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