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James Chukwueze Obialor (born February 22, 1999), also addressed as WF James Brown, is a fascinating Nigerian social media personality. His unique blend of talents has garnered attention, showcasing his diverse roles as a controversial content creator, dancer, and cross-dresser.

A true artist, James Brown‘s skills span various spheres. His acting and comedic talents shine, but he also wields the power of content creation to influence brands within his industry.

James Brown‘s moment in the spotlight arrived in 2018 with a viral video that catapulted him to fame. This video gave birth to the now-iconic Nigerian catchphrase, “They didn’t caught me,” in response to his encounter with the Nigerian police. 

His subsequent arrest, along with others, on charges of homosexuality led to a month behind bars in the Ikoyi Correctional Facility. However, the story took a turn when a judge eventually dismissed the case against them, allowing James Brown to step back into the world unburdened.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: James Chukwueze Obialor
Stage Name: James Brown
Born: 22 February 1999 (age 25 years old)
Place of Birth: Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria
State Of Origin: Imo State
Nationality: Nigerian
Education: British University
Height: 1.57 m
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Obialor
Siblings: Gracious Brown
Spouse: Not Married
Girlfriend • Boyfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Occupation: Dancer • Internet Personality
Net Worth: $200,000

Early Life & Education

James Brown, the amusingly controversial personality, was born on February 22, 1999, in the vibrant heart of Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria. Despite his Igbo heritage, he seamlessly converses in Yoruba, a linguistic flourish owed to his upbringing amidst Lagos’ cultural crosscurrents. 

Gracious Brown, whose real name is Gracious Obialor, is the well-known sister of James Brown, a prominent Nigerian cross-dresser, and traces his ancestry back to Imo State, Nigeria, firmly anchoring him within the Igbo community.

Regarding his academic pursuits, a touch of mystery adds seasoning. While official records remain elusive, it’s whispered that James Brown‘s scholarly voyage encompassed both primary and secondary education within Lagos’ embrace. 

Whispers in the wind suggest that his aspirations carried him beyond borders as James Brown embarked on a self-sponsored academic voyage in a British university.


In 2018, James Brown stepped into the spotlight with a video that swiftly went viral. His voice echoed with the unforgettable words, “They didn’t caught me,” a defiant response to a run-in with the law. This incident arose from accusations of homosexuality, leading to a month-long sojourn within the confines of the Ikoyi Correctional Facility.

However, the scales of justice tipped in his favour, as the charges against James Brown and his companions, numbering 46, were ultimately dropped.

Amidst the chapters of his life, James Brown‘s narrative took an unexpected twist when he boldly proclaimed to have grappled with HIV since birth. Yet, time’s passage revealed the proclamation as a mere facade, a desperate fabrication to escape the grasp of detention. 

His persona, oscillating between cross-dressing charisma and melodic prowess, was unveiled as Hey Durlings, a musical composition that resonated within the industry. Beyond music, James Brown‘s presence resonated in an HBO documentary, etching his imprint onto the tapestry of entertainment.

Within the constellation of his connections, one figure shone exceptionally bright. Bobrisky, seen as a beloved godmother by James Brown, shared a close bond. However, a storm brewed in 2021 when social media platforms crackled with James‘ distress, exposing alleged threats on his life by Bobrisky. This discord also brought to light accusations of content appropriation, casting shadows over their once-amicable relationship.

James Brown‘s career trajectory wove through diverse professions. From Nollywood’s silver screen to the digital stage, he left his mark in myriad online skits. Adding to his eclectic journey, he unveiled the musical gem Hey Dulings in 2021. 

Beyond this, James Brown proudly sported the mantle of brand ambassador for companies like Gidi Fashion. Across the digital expanse, his Instagram followers numbered over 1.7 million, TikTok enthusiasts swayed to his tune with 1.4 million, and his Twitter following reached 12.4k. Nigerian actress Destiny Etiko held a special place amid James Brown‘s connections.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: James Brown Obialor (@wf_jamesbrown)
  • Twitter handle: James BROWN (@wfjames_brown) 
  • Facebook: James Brown
  • Tiktok handle: jamesbrown (@wf_jamesbrown)

Personal Life

James Brown is currently not in a romantic relationship; he is not married. However, he frequently displays his male partners on his social media timeline. Despite not being committed to anyone, he appears proud and open about his connections with other men. James Brown is a 25-year-old personality who celebrates his birthday on every February 22.

James Brown has a complicated relationship with his mother. He has said she expressed regret after giving birth to him and has not been in his life for about ten years. The cross-dresser said though his mother is alive, she is dead to him because she did not raise him.

Net Worth

James Brown, the renowned Nigerian internet personality, brand promoter, and social media influencer, has amassed an estimated net worth of $200,000. 

This wealth can be attributed to his diverse income streams, including lucrative endorsement deals and engaging video promotions. James Brown‘s ability to leverage his online presence and delight a broad audience has undoubtedly contributed to his financial success.

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