Michael Carroll Bio, Net Worth, Age, House, Wikipedia, Documentary, Cars, Girlfriend, Wife, Interview

Michael Carroll Biography: Net Worth, Age, House, Wikipedia, Documentary, Cars, Girlfriend, Wife, Interview

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Michael Carroll (born 29 March 1983) is a 41 years old British national who rose to fame after the news that he won a lottery of $15 million in the year 2002.

He was a popular UK National Lottery winner when he was just 19 years old.

Then, a youngster, he won a total of €9,736,131 in November 2002.

Well, the “Lotto Lout,” as he was named by the British media, went back to being a garbage man after extravagantly spending his fortune.

Michael Carroll
Michael Carroll: History, Bio, Photo
Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Michael Carroll
Born: 29 March 1983 (age 41 years old)
Place of Birth: Norfolk, United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Parents: Andrew Carroll
Children: N/A
Height: 1.85 m
Siblings: Zoe Caroll, Charlene Carroll
Girlfriend • Wife: Sandra Caroll (div.), Leonia Carroll
Occupation: Lottery Winner • Actor
Net Worth: US$2.5 million

Early Life

Michael Carroll was born on 29 March 1983 in Swaffham, Norfolk, UK. He was born into an average family setting.

His mother was a worker in a canning factory, while his father, who is known as Andrew Carroll, was a Royal Airforce engineer.

He was born into a family of three children being the only son and two female siblings; Zoe Caroll and Charlene Carroll. The young Carroll was faced with many misfortunes, such as his father’s imprisonment of up to 11 years for stabbing some persons during a fight.

Michael Carroll was 18 months old when this happened, and later on, at the age of 10, his father died of a heart attack after separating from his wife. 

Michael Carroll had several stepfathers as his mother took turns getting married to different men. He stated that one of them would lock him up in an apartment after beating him up. He admitted to being dyslexic, having ADHD, and being barely literate upon his graduation from high school.

Michael CarrollCarroll started living without conduct at a very young age due to a lack of parental upbringing. At the age of 13, he was sentenced for shoplifting and was moved to Hollesley Bay prison in Suffolk, where he reportedly learned how to read and write.

Lottery Winning

It didn’t take long for Michael Carroll to know he was the lucky winner, winning numbers of 5, 28, 32, 39, 42, 48, and a bonus number of 21 on his ticket. Upon winning the lottery, Michael Carroll made many promises, including that of maintaining good conduct and spending wisely, and would only buy a three-bedroom house near a lake, where he would go fishing.

During the time of his jackpot hit, he was working as a garbage collector and was expecting a baby. Michael Carroll did not have a bank account when he won the lottery but was advised by the lottery company to open one with Coutts. However, Coutts rejected his application due to his criminal records.

The youngster at the time didn’t live up to his words and started a lot of unsuccessful ventures. Being a fan of Rangers FC, Michael Carroll invested up to a million pound off his winning through Rangers financial Management, from whom the football club receive a stipulated share of profits on the financial services they trade.

One wise investment he made was setting up a €3.9 million investment bond, which generated monthly income. The goal was to only use funds from the regular account and then resort to the bond if the funds were finished.

Michael Carroll didn’t forget his family, although he wasn’t close to them. He revealed that he gave €1 million each to his mother, sister (only one of them), and aunt. Unfortunately, this act of generosity cost him almost a third of his prize money.

Although he admits not to regret giving them money, he had a different view that the money should have been lower, probably around €259 k each. He also had problems with blackmailers while in one of the mansions he purchased in Swaffham. They threatened him for unclear reasons and even killed five of his rottweilers. The frightened Michael Carroll paid them around €130k to stop harassing his family.

Personal Life

As earlier stated, Michael Carroll was an expectant father when he won the lottery. He married his child’s mother named Sandra, but the marriage failed because he openly admitted his promiscuity.

Sandra Caroll mentioned that Michael did not even hide he was sleeping with prostitutes and was into drugs. She filed for a divorce, Michael Carroll assented the papers and paid around €1.4 million to Sandra for spousal support. 

His promiscuous lifestyle continued after the end of his marriage, and he never forgot to party hard, spending about €50k per night on a single party.

In addition, he was seen participating in lucrative endeavors like the celebrity boxing match in 2005 with Mark Smith, a former star of Gladiators TV show.

Michael Caroll is currently married to Leonia Carroll.

Net Worth

Michael Carroll was involved in many legal cases, which often landed him either in jail or on probation. From 2005-2006, he was in and out of prison cells. Michael Carroll reapplied for his job as a garbage man after spending his fortune in 2010. He admitted that he has no regrets about the way he spent his money.

Recent information reveals that Michael Carroll is in Scotland, where he now works as a logger, a job which earns him about €10 an hour. A biography about him, titled Careful What You Wish For, was written by Sean Boru and published by John Blake Publishing in October 2006.

Michael Carroll even made an acting appearance as a fictional version of himself in the film, Killer Bitch (2010).

The British National has an estimated US$2.5 million.

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