Sherry Shriner Biography, Documentary, Age, Pictures, Facebook, Wikipedia, Podcast, Still Living, Partner, Spouse

Sherry Shriner Biography: Documentary, Age, Pictures, Facebook, Wikipedia, Podcast, Still Living, Partner, Spouse, Net Worth

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Sherry Shriner was born in 1965 and died on 28 January 2021.

She is an American author and leader of the Alien Reptile Cult.

The self-acclaimed messenger of the most high God is well known for her publication which was usually centered on the fight against the devil, which she says is a deceiver to humankind.

Sherry Shriner
Sherry Shriner: History, Bio, Photo
Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Sherry Shriner
Born: 1965 (age 56 years old)
Died: 2021
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Nationality: American
Parents: N/A
Children: N/A
Height: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Boyfriend • Husband: Steve Mineo (rum.)
Occupation: Author • Cult Leader
Net Worth: US$??

Early Life

Sherry Shriner early was very unusual from that of other kids. While another kid was thinking about the toys they would be getting for Christmas, Sherry Shriner was on her own having various conversations with the Devil.

As she grew older, she gradually had issues with the devil, which led her from being best friends with the devil. Instead, they now became the worst of enemies.

The cult leader and self-acclaimed messager of the highest God, Sherry Shriner was born in Cleveland, Ohio, a city in the United States of America, in 1965.

But, unfortunately, there is little or nothing about her family available online.

Even with that, we know Sherry Shriner is from a family who did love her.

Till her death, there was a name recorded as being her husband, boyfriend, or children. It just looks as if there were no immediate family of hers.


A good number of people would tell you that Sherry Shriner never attended any school and does not have any educational qualifications.

But in fact, she did, and not only did she graduate from high school, but she is also a graduate of Kent State University, where she bagged her first-ever degree in Journalism, Political Science, and Criminal Justice.


Sherry Shriner‘s career is centered around the spiritual world and fighting against the king of the deceiver, which is the Devil. Sources say that Sherry Shriner has been friends with the devil before, things went a different way as they both now became the worst of enemies.

A few years back, before her death, Sherry Shriner wrote and published a book titled Interview, which contains Sherry Shriner‘s conversation with the Devil, whom she addresses as Lucifer.

The interview is very lengthy, where Sherry Shriner and Lucifer recount and remember their childhood memories when they were both in heaven before she became Lucifer’s greatest Enemy.

The publication is one of the most controversial by the author and cult leader as she and Lucifer talked about lots of things, all the way from the spiritual world down to the plans Lucifer has for the United States Government.

Sherry Shriner started her fight and crusade by writing books and organizing seminars where she lectures people about the spiritual world around them and how manipulating the Devil can be.

After that, she went to the popular social media platform Facebook where she did most of her teaching before her demise in January 2021.

Personal Life

The death of Sherry Shriner was announced on the 28 of January 2021, where they said a heart attack caused it.

A lot of people have it that Sherry Shriner has a hand to do with the death of Steve Mineo, who died in 2017 after he was shot by his girlfriend, Barbara. Steve Mineo and Barbara Rogers used to be vital members of the Alien Reptile Cult till they were accused of being Aliens and were acuminated by the Sherry Shriner.

Sherry Shriner And Steve Mineo used to be friends till his girlfriend Barbara Rogers came into the picture, and things had a different turn.

As people said, Sherry Shriner became jealous, which led to her expelling Steve and his girlfriend, Barbara, from the cult group with the stands. They were both Aliens on earth.

According to a report from Barbara, her boyfriend Steve Mineo asked her to shoot him in the head, which she did.
At the time, she said they were both being controlled by Sherry Shriner.

Sherry Shriner is one of those people who became famous after their death, a lot of people got to know about her and her cult group after her death in January 2021.

Net Worth

There is no information giving out the net worth of Sherry Shriner.

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