Steve Arneil Biography, Age, Cause Of Death, Wife, Wikipedia, Interview, Funeral, Pictures, Family

Steve Arneil Biography: Age, Cause Of Death, Wife, Wikipedia, Interview, Funeral, Pictures, Family

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Steve Arneil was born 29 August 1934 but died on 2 July 2021, at 86 years.

He was a prominent South African-British master of Kyokushin Karate.

He learned directly from Masutatsu Oyama and was a senior instructor in Oyama’s International Karate Organization (IKO) until 1991 when he resigned from the IKO.

Steve Arneil was the founder and President of the International Federation of Karate (IFK), holds the rank of 10th Dan and holds the title Hanshi.

He and his wife settled in the United Kingdom in 1965. he and his wife travelled to London in 1965.

The movie was not an easy one for them.

Steve Arneil
Steve Arneil: History, Bio, Photo
Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Steve Arneil
Born: 29 August 1934 (age 89 years old)
Age: 87 years old
Place of Birth: Krugersdorp, South Africa
Nationality: African, British
Parents: N/A
Height: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Wife • Spouse: Tsuyuko Arneil
Occupation: Karate Practitioner • Author
Net Worth: $4 Million

Early Life

When Steve Arneil was ten years old, his family moved to Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), and he began training in Kung Fu, Judo and boxing there.

At age 16, he was selected to represent Northern Rhodesia in rugby.

By the age of 17, Steve Arneil had earned black belt status in Judo, and he had also practised Kenpo and Karate.

He moved to Durban, South Africa, for tertiary studies in mechanical engineering.

Steve Arneil travelled to different countries like China, South Korea, and Hong Kong before moving to Japan.

He studied few Karate styles, including Shotokan, Wado-Ryu, and Goju-Ryu (under Gogen Yamaguchi).

In Durban, Steve Arneil trained at a judo Dojo (training hall) that also offered karate training. He made a practice of going down to the harbour and asking arriving Japanese people if they practised Karate; if they did, he would invite them to train at the Dojo.

In 1959, Steve Arneil left South Africa, bound for Southeast Asia.
On 22 May 1965, he became the first person to complete the 100-man Kumite after Oyama.

He went to the United Kingdom to help establish Kyokushin Karate there, but it was hard.

He also tried to move to Australia, but it failed; Steve Arneil said that “it is purely by chance that we ended up staying in England.” In late 1965, he later died on the 2nd of July 2021.


In January 1961, through Donn Draeger, Steve Arneil began to study Kyokushin Karate under Masutatsu Oyama.

He recalled that, unlike the other Karate schools he had visited in Japan (who had welcomed him with minimal reservation), Oyama’s Kyokushin school. We found no other educational record.


Steve Arneil got promoted to the rank of 1st  dan in Kyokushin karate on 15 May 1962 and got 2nd, Dan,  on 16 April 1963, and on 10 July 1965, he was promoted to 3rd  dan.

In May 1966, he received a promotion to the rank of 4th dan. From 1968 to 1976, he was the Team Manager and Coach for the All Styles English and British Karate team which, in 1975/76, became the first non-Japanese team to win the Karate World Championship.

Steve Arneil was promoted to 5th dan on 15 January 1968 and 6th dan on 7 October 1974. In 1975, the French Karate Federation awarded him the title of “World’s Best Coach.” On 6 August 1977, Arneil was promoted to the rank of 7th dan in Kyokushin karate.

In 1991, Steve Arneil and the BKK resigned from the IKO, and Arneil then founded his karate organisation, the IFK. Arneil is currently the President of the IFK and the BKK. On 30 May 1992, he got awarded the British karate community of 8th  Dan for his services to karate in the UK.

On 26 May 2001, he got the rank of 9th  Dan at their meeting in Berlin. On 23 July 2011, Arneil was awarded 10th Dan at the 3rd IFK U-18 World Tournament by the IFK to recognise his commitment to Kyokushin Karate.

The 50th anniversary of the British Kyokushinkai Karate (BKK) organisation was celebrated in 2015, and the main celebration took place at the 39th British Open Knockdown Championships in Crawley on 17 October.

Social Media

No social media of Steve Arneil was disclosed. We will provide if any is gotten.

Personal Life

Steve Arneil got married to a Japanese woman in 1964, Mrs Tsuyuko Arneil. “She was a banker.

She supported the husband when he was still training. The media disclosed no records about his children or past relationship.

Steve Arneil met Bob Boulton. Both friends founded the British Karate Kyokushinkai (BKK) organisation. The organisers opened the BKK’s first full-time Dojo in Stratford, east London.

Steve Arneil has written several books on karate, including Karate: A guide to unarmed combat (1975, co-authored), Modern Karate (1975, co-authored), Better Karate(1976, co-authored), and Teach yourself: Karate (1993, co-authored).

Net Worth

Steve Arneil estimated net worth is $4 million and Primary income from karateka.

We don’t have enough pieces of evidence on Steve Arneil cars, Steve Arneil lifestyle.

We will update this information soon.

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