Exploring the Most Underrated Latin and Spanish TV Shows

June 24, 2024 0 Posted By Kaptain Kush

There was a time when Latin TV shows barely got the popularity they deserved in the mainstream media. Despite having gripping storylines, well-rounded characters, and all the elements of a perfect TV show, they needed to be properly received. The major reasons were the difference in language and the need for a dedicated mainstream platform. 

However, the rise in streaming culture has mitigated both reasons. Now, Latin American and Spanish are globally recognized categories, with TV shows and movies available in various languages and sub-titles. Streaming channels and sites are also why Latin American and Spanish shows like La Casa De Papel, El Chapo, and Narcos were able to reach a wider audience and get global recognition. 

The Latin American and Spanish category is a treasure trove of TV shows from various genres like suspense, romance, crime, comedy, etc. Moreover, the fact that some Latin perspectives and thematic styles have now become globally recognized tropes is a testament to the global success of Hispanic TV shows. 

Deviating a bit from the mainstream Hispanic TV shows, we have compiled a list of Hispanic gems that are begging to be binge-watched if you are up for the commitment. 

Alguien Tiene Que Morir (Somebody Has to Die) 2020

This one is a gripping watch as a limited series from the thriller genre. Set in Spain in the 1950s, it features a truly conservative family for whom appearances are everything, yet each member is unwilling to let go of who they truly are. 

Gabino reunites with his family after 10 years only to find out that he is set to be married to Cayetana. He also brings home his friend, who also has his own secret. This mix of an arranged marriage, a scandalous affair, and a rumour mill is why you will find yourself tied to your couch until the last episode.

Cuatro estaciones en La Habana (Four Seasons in Havana) 2016

Also a mini-series, this show comprises 4 episodes and has a thriller storyline. It shows two detectives in Havana, Mario Conde and Manolo Palacios, working to solve crimes together. It is based on the book ‘The Havana Quartet’ by Leonardo Padura and shows a couple of gripping cases with many suspects. 

The main characters are shown to have their own follies, which will make you develop a love-hate relationship with them, especially Conde. However, they are good at what they do, making the four episodes all the more appealing.

Valeria – 2020

Valeria is a feel-good comedy TV show about a writer going through a marital crisis. It is based on the book series En los zapatos de Valeria by Elísabet Benavent and is set in Madrid. Valeria sets out on a journey to find out what is missing from her writing and her marriage. She is supported throughout by her girl clan, Carmen, Lola, and Nerea, as she finds herself twisted in an entertaining love triangle.

The perfect setting to watch this show is a dimly lit room, where you are cosied up on your couch with a weighted blanket, a pack of de la Roza Mazapan, and an essential element—a trusty cable connection. We recommend checking out Optimum en español TV packages, where you can get Valeria on demand and binge-watch it and all the other shows from this list uninterrupted.

Perdida (Stolen Away) 2020

Crime, mystery, and thrillers are extremely popular in the region. Hence, the majority of our suggestions are from these genres. Yet another thriller, this show features a similar but somehow more intense storyline as Jason Statham’s Taken

A little girl mysteriously disappears from a beach, and her parents embark on a journey to find her no matter what. The story spans a couple of years and has a realistic feel. The father, Antonio’s drive to solve the mystery is so extreme that he willingly ends up in jail because he believes he will find answers in the Colombian prison.

Las Chicas del Cable (Cable Girls) 2017

This one is a personal favourite, with an IMDb rating of 7.5. Las Chicas del Cable is a Spanish period drama comprising 5 seasons. Set in the 1920s, when Madrid started experiencing the flavour of modern telecommunication, this show depicts the lives of four girls as they begin working as telephone operators. 

Being the first ones in their family to work an office job, each character has their own reason to work in the company. They form a close bond while working together and facing the societal hardships that come with being a working woman.

Galerías Velvet (Velvet) 2014

As a lush romantic drama, this one features a rich (and broody?) heir of a prestigious Spanish fashion house who falls in love with a poor seamstress. Their story experiences love, jealousy, drama, and an obscene amount of money. Ana and Alberto encounter a love that happens once in a lifetime while they navigate the complexities that arise due to their unlikely relationship.

The shows mentioned in the list are just the tip of the iceberg. Spanish and Latin American TV shows are known for their cultural vibrancy and powerful attempts at dismantling stereotypes while keeping viewers hooked until the end.

Wrapping Up

We hope you have a list of to-watch items for the long summer ahead. If you have suggestions for similar gripping shows, share them with us in the comments below. 

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