Covid-19 Revolution

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The last time I expounded on how the pandemic has and is attacking all that we accepted and trusted. How it has not saved our religions, our wellbeing parts. How it has gone so far to execute all clans and ethnicity. In spite of everything we do how it has infiltrated our states and our frail foundations.

You can read it here: Has Covid-29 Made Us Ask Questions?

It has opposed our lock downs. It has challenged our curfews. It has challenged our endeavors to check it despite the fact that we were pre-educated about this plaque.

The economy currently drains and we are beginning to loosen up our lock downs, however this looks like respecting the way that we no longer can contain or fight with this inferno.

So like Dr Strange said to Mr. Stark after the Infinity War was lost, “we are in the end game now..” This plaque is coming after our urban areas, towns, networks, towns, neighborhoods, mixes more regrettable still, our families.. This is the place it starts to resemble the scriptural end of the world of the 4 ponies. What’s going on in Kano is as yet a Demo. Fiendish has been released. May God help us now.

For what reason am I sounding so cynical? Well there are numerous motivations to that. They incorporate.

We are genuinely overpopulated. This is on the grounds that the quantity of individuals in this spatial space far surpasses the way to continue them, hence overpopulation.

Joblessness and destitution: lol that one is self-evident, a jobless populace is a decent center point for pandemics. Joblessness breeds unfathomable neediness and prepare to be blown away. We are the nation with most noteworthy destitute individuals on the planet. This as of now is a period bomb. So when government is stating they are going to care for the most defenseless, laughing out loud, I wonder how they are going to adapt to more than 50 to 90 million armed force of poor masses.

Poor framework: laughing out loud, this is were it gets intriguing. They are stating wash your hands and to a degree stay inside.

‘Abeg,’ where is the water to wash hands? A large number of our homes ‘na town camp oo.’ You may have 13 to 14 individuals dozing in one room. And the room is face-me-I-face-you working with separated toilets.

Obviously no running tap. On the off chance that you are fortunate, you just have a bole gap and truth is you are not by any means the only one utilizing the bole opening. So the bole opening is constantly packed. In your face, social removing.

Lack of education: of all that is referenced this is the more terrible of them. Most Nigerians fall prey to this person. Truth is what number of will wear veils? What number of will wash their hands? What number of will remain inside? What number of will self separate? I mean many despite everything accept there is no Covid-19. What we have is some 5G organizanization (which we are yet to have) murdering individuals. How splendid of them.

Find happiness in the hereafter Late Mr Kyari. Your entombment ensured you never walk alone. I never realized he was truly a Liverpool fan. In the hour of social separating, Mr. Kyari’s entombment united thousands after he passed on of diabetics. Obviously we realize diabetics isn’t infectious. Perhaps on the off chance that he had kicked the bucket of Covid-19, they may have considered social removing. How snide?. We are the most naive taught ignorant people that wander around on planet earth.

This again blames our instructive frameworks that did little to change our conduct. For learning can possibly have occurred when there is an adjustment in conduct..

Truth is have we truly changed? Indeed yet for the more regrettable. We thought it was area, we dispensed with locale and acquired the states. We battled a war stifled the agitators and joined the nation however the issues were still there. We cried that the states were excessively little and we made more states however the issue was as yet their.

We surrendered the military and changed to majority rules system yet the issues were deteriorating. We changed starting with one decision party then onto the next and once more, the issues are deteriorating. The issue is we never learnt. Regardless of the change we make in our organizations, there were never any adjustment in our practices.

So on the whole, adapting never occurred. We are still a greater amount of Igbo, a greater amount of Efik, a greater amount of Fulani, a greater amount of Yoruba, a greater amount of Hausa, increasingly Christian, a greater amount of Muslims than we are a greater amount of Nigerians and to good judgment.

It was at one time our granddads’, at that point our dads, at that point we the recent college grads. We are resolved to battle each other, affront each other, protect our clans, and our religion than join as a nation favored with boundless assets. What we have now is a solidarity government constrained by the north against an acidic online networking armed force constrained by the South, particularly the South East. This obviously, is another reproducing ground for the pandemic to injure us, in this way, my previous cynicism.

Truth is there is trust. There has consistently been trust however we are excessively visually impaired, excessively ethnic, excessively strict, excessively innate, excessively insatiable, to desirous, excessively one-sided… What’s more, in particular to frightened to see it. For in observing the expectation, we likewise observe reality and that fact, many won’t care for it.

On the off chance that we can handle the way of thinking of character, the way of thinking of religion, the way of thinking of ethnicity, the way of thinking of training (this is the most significant of all), at that point we can begin understanding the way of thinking of Nationhood..

To Be Continued

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