Hilda Baci Ousted: Irish Chef Alan Fisher Shatters Longest Cooking Marathon Record

November 7, 2023 0 Posted By Kaptain Kush

Alan Fisher, the owner and chef of a renowned restaurant in Japan, has achieved a remarkable feat by setting not one but two Guinness World Records related to cooking.

In an extraordinary display of culinary prowess, Fisher’s achievements have astounded the world.

Unmatched Endurance in the Kitchen

Alan Fisher‘s first record-breaking endeavor was the “Longest Cooking Marathon (Individual),” where he astonishingly spent 119 hours and 57 minutes continuously cooking. This impressive feat exceeded the previous record, held by Nigerian chef Hilda Baci, over 24 hours. Fisher‘s remarkable endurance and commitment were on full display during this marathon.

Not content with a single achievement, Fisher conquered the “Longest Baking Marathon (Individual)” category. In a baking marathon lasting 47 hours and 21 minutes, he outshone the previous record holder, Wendy Sandner from the United States, whose record stood at 31 hours and 16 minutes. Fisher‘s feat even more astounding is that he took on both challenges consecutively, subjecting himself to over 160 hours of continuous work in the kitchen, with just over a day of rest in between.

A Remarkable Journey from Ireland to Japan

Alan Fisher‘s culinary journey is as captivating as his record-breaking feats. After graduating from Dublin City University in 2008, Fisher embarked on an overseas graduate program that led him to a job offer in Tokyo. Over the next six years, he established himself in Tokyo and found love, eventually marrying his wife, who would become his business partner.

However, as life settled into a routine, Fisher felt the need for a new challenge. He started his own business, strongly committed to showcasing Irish food and culture. His restaurant, Kyojin Stewhouse, specializes in traditional Irish dishes like stews, soups, homemade bread, and potatoes. For Fisher, this venture was not just about food; it was a way to share his pride in his Irish heritage and bring the warmth of home to Japan.

Inspiration Amidst Challenges

Alan Fisher‘s record-breaking journey was not without its challenges, particularly amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the hardships he faced during the pandemic, including loss of reservations and the need for a pandemic support loan, Fisher drew inspiration from the accomplishments of other chefs. When he learned of the longest cooking marathon record, he channeled his frustrations and negativity into achieving something extraordinary.

The record attempts needed to be more straightforward. Fisher had to meticulously plan food distribution to minimize wastage, ensure that all cooked food was for human consumption, and gather evidence of his record-breaking attempts. This process was made possible with the support of local TV providers and the community of Matsue, where Fisher resides.

An Unforgettable Culinary Odyssey

As Alan Fisher embarked on his record-breaking journey, he encountered various challenges, including physical strain and sleep deprivation. During the longest baking marathon, he developed a sore back from hand-mixing dough, and the fatigue and sleepiness were daunting. However, his determination to represent his family’s Irish food and share their story propelled him to persevere.

Ultimately, Alan Fisher‘s extraordinary cooking and baking marathons resulted in the creation of 357 kg of soda bread and 590 kg of dishes, equivalent to 3,360 portions of 32 different recipes. The support he received from the people of Matsue, who shared in his journey and offered their encouragement, was an invaluable source of motivation.

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