Faker: Behind the Scenes of an eSports Icon

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Lee Sang-hyeok, better known to the world by his online alias Faker, is not just a name but a legend in the world of eSports. Born on May 7, 1996, this South Korean prodigy has become synonymous with the professional League of Legends world. Many regard him as the best player ever, thanks to his charisma and skill that seem almost superhuman.

Early Life

In Seoul, where modernity meets tradition, Faker discovered his innate talent for gaming. The city offers a mix of digital and physical gaming spaces, attracting both eSports and iGaming enthusiasts. When not playing classic games such as roulette on online platforms like PokerStars Casino, many flock to land-based establishments to play amongst the crowds. While the city has a rich gaming tradition, it’s the virtual world where many find their groove. Online gaming platforms, serving as digital arenas, witness millions honing their skills, challenging rivals across the globe, and climbing virtual leaderboards.

Besides the booming eSports and online gaming, iGaming must be addressed. Besides the high-energy eSports arenas where legends like Faker are born, online platforms like PokerStars Casino offer an alternative digital gaming option, creating an entertaining mix of experiences.

Faker is a product of the intense, competitive world of online gaming, but in Seoul, the world of iGaming also attracts many others. It’s not unusual for these two passionate communities to intersect in a city like Seoul. Faker’s advanced strategic thinking and extraordinary skills distinguished him amidst a sea of players. Even in a society where video games have often been looked down upon, nothing could dampen his burning passion. He was born to redefine the gaming arena, to turn every challenge into a pedestal of unprecedented victory.


2013 was the year Faker’s name echoed around the world. Joining the professional eSports team SK Telecom T1, he didn’t just participate—he dominated, clinching victory in the League of Legends World Championship in his debut year. While many well-known League of Legends internet celebrities exist, Faker has set himself apart with his aggressive gameplay, precise timing, and innovative approaches. Faker has become a celebrated figure in South Korea and globally. His intuitive playstyle and ability to turn the tides of the most nail-biting matches are legendary.

His career, glittering with three World Championships, among other honours, is a narrative of victory, tenacity, and unmatched prowess. Characters like Zed, LeBlanc, and Ahri aren’t just avatars in Faker’s hands; they are extensions of a legend, earning him the moniker “The Unkillable Demon King.”

Personal Life

Behind the flashy tournaments and roaring crowds, Faker is a man of simplicity and humility. He prefers to keep his personal life as an enigmatic narrative, away from the glaring lights of public scrutiny. To this day, the global icon maintains the sanctity of his personal and family life, valuing the silent, precious moments away from the public eye.

Philanthropy and Contributions

But the legend of Faker isn’t confined to killer moves and victorious tournaments. His heart beats for philanthropy; his hands, which master the gaming arena, also extend in generosity, supporting a variety of causes. He has generously donated money to help the things and people he believes in. Faker isn’t just a star player but a catalyst, elevating eSports’ stature globally, defying stereotypes and breaking barriers. His impact reverberates, fostering a positive image for the entire gaming fraternity.


Every play, every victory by Faker is more than a personal achievement—it’s a chapter in the epic tale of a boy who defied norms and became a legend. His influence seeps through the gaming community, inspiring a generation of players to break the boundaries of the possible.

With passion as his compass and skill as his companion, Faker has etched his legacy in trophies and the undying spirit of competition and excellence. He’s not just a player but a phenomenon, an enduring testament to the electrifying amalgamation of passion and skill.


  • 3x League of Legends World Champion (2013, 2015, 2016)
  • 2x Mid-Season Invitational Champion (2016, 2017)
  • 8x LCK Champion
  • Multiple-time LCK MVP
  • Holds a myriad of records in League of Legends gameplay and achievements


“Failure takes a bigger part in people’s lives than one may think. It’s important to not lose yourself in the emotions from success and failure.” – Faker.

As eSports grows into a global spectacle, Faker stands as a pillar of excellence—an icon whose story is still being written, one victory at a time. His unseen journey, embroidered with passion, skill and an indomitable spirit, continues to inspire, making Faker not just an eSports legend but a global phenomenon whose legacy is immortalized in every click, every move, every victory. His story unveils the sheer might of human potential when paired with unyielding determination.

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