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Boluwatife Ayodeji Balogun (born May 13, 2011) is a talented Nigerian entrepreneur, social media sensation, and famous celebrity child. He is widely acclaimed for being the firstborn son of the legendary Nigerian Afrobeat icon, Wizkid.

Some individuals ascend through hard work and perseverance in fame and fortune, while others are born into a world adorned with stardust. Boluwatife Balogun, affectionately known as Tife, unequivocally falls into the latter category. As the cherished progeny of the illustrious Wizkid, Tife effortlessly radiates the unmistakable glow of celebrity status.

The captivating narrative of Boluwatife Balogun‘s life unfolds with serendipity as he becomes integral to his father’s visionary ambitions. Behind the scenes, Wizkid, whose true name is Ayodeji Balogun, conceived the bespoke fashion enterprise Czar and Czarina with a singular purpose in mind – to create an enchanting haven of customized apparel for his beloved 13-year-old scion. 

As a natural-born entrepreneur, he exudes an irresistible charm that captivates both the digital realm and the collective imagination. While he is undeniably influenced by his illustrious lineage, Boluwatife Balogun possesses a unique essence and magnetic allure that sets him apart, leaving an indelible impression on those fortunate enough to encounter his presence.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Boluwatife Ayodeji Balogun
Stage Name: Boluwatife Balogun, Tife
Born: 13 May 2011 (age 13 years old)
Place of Birth: Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
State Of Origin: Ogun State
Nationality: Nigerian
Height: 1.52 m
Parents: Shola Ogudu, Wizkid
Siblings: Zion Ayo-Balogun, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun Jr.
Spouse: Not Married
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Occupation: Entrepreneur • Internet Personality
Net Worth: $1 million

Early Life & Education

Boluwatife Balogun, a remarkable young CEO, was born on May 13, 2011, in the picturesque Lagos State of Nigeria. He hails from Ogun State. Now residing in the vibrant city of Lagos, he shares his days with his doting mother, Shola Ogudu, and carries the esteemed lineage of his father, the renowned Nigerian musician, Wizkid.

Education holds a significant place in Boluwatife Balogun‘s life, as he currently attends a prestigious primary school in Lagos, diligently preparing for the exciting transition to high school. His family dynamics are intriguing, with his playful mother, Shola Ogudu, occasionally teasing Wizkid for his momentarily delayed school fee payments. This light-hearted banter reflects the genuine love and camaraderie that binds their unique family unit.

Boluwatife Balogun is also blessed with the cherished presence of his half-brothers, Zion Ayo-Balogun and Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun Jr., who add joy and sibling companionship to his journey. As Wizkid‘s children, their diverse backgrounds celebrate the remarkable women who have shaped their lives, contributing to the colourful tapestry of their shared heritage.

In the story of Boluwatife Balogun, Shola Ogudu stands as a remarkable woman, embodying grace and wisdom in her late twenties or early thirties. Affectionately known as Wizkid‘s first baby mama, Shola Ogudu is the loving mother who has nurtured Boluwatife‘s growth and development, instilling in him the values of resilience, kindness, and ambition.


Boluwatife Balogun, the budding entrepreneur extraordinaire, unveiled his sartorial masterpiece, Czar and Czarina Clothing Line, in the enchanting year of 2018. A serendipitous alignment of celestial events marked the genesis of this fashion saga – Boluwatife‘s seventh birthday on that hallowed day of May 13th, 2018. As if touched by the hand of destiny, he received a lavish gift that would forever alter the course of his young life – the cherished Czar and Czarina Clothing Line.

Fuelled by an irrepressible passion for all things fashion, Boluwatife Balogun partnered with a kindred spirit, a young star of the modelling world, to steer the majestic vessel, Czar and Czarina. In harmonious synergy, their creative forces intertwine, yielding a cornucopia of visionary designs that transcend the mundane and embody the very essence of sartorial elegance.

But Boluwatife Balogun‘s influence extends far beyond haute couture. In the ethereal realm of social media, he reigns supreme as a veritable virtuoso, captivating the hearts and minds of throngs of followers on Instagram and TikTok. Through these digital platforms, Boluwatife weaves a tapestry of inspiration, casting a spell with his exquisite taste, avant-garde style, and innate ability to ignite a spark of self-expression within the souls of his ardent admirers.

As a youthful star and maestro of modern influence, Boluwatife Balogun adorns the mantel of entrepreneurial prowess with effortless grace. Each stitch, each post, and each brushstroke brings him closer to his quest of redefining the boundaries of creativity.

Personal Life

Boluwatife Balogun, a young entrepreneur in his own right, found himself entangled in a web of broken promises and shattered dreams. It is whispered that when he was a tender three-year-old, his father, in a twist of fate, allegedly reneged on a lucrative deal meticulously crafted for his flourishing empire. The disappointment that gripped his young heart sparked a flicker of defiance, prompting him to turn away from the offer and embrace the untrodden path that awaited him, brimming with untapped potential.

In the mosaic of his existence, Boluwatife Balogun seeks solace in embracing a diverse cast of maternal figures. His beloved grandmother, Jane Dolapo Balogun, and grandfather, Alhaji Muniru Olatunji Balogun, stands as a pillar of support, while his aunts, Yetunde Balogun and Lade Balogun, weave their nurturing presence into the fabric of his life. Alongside them, Jada Pollock and Binta Diallo, his formidable stepmothers, add intriguing layers to his narrative, enriching his journey with their unique perspectives.

Regarding matters of the heart, Boluwatife Balogun traverses an uncharted path, unburdened by the shackles of matrimony or the entanglements of romantic love. Like a solitary wanderer, he revels in the freedom to explore the depths of his own being, unencumbered by societal expectations. Focusing on self-discovery and personal growth, he navigates the winding roads of life, guided by the compass of his own desires and ambitions.

Net Worth

Boluwatife Balogun, the son of a well-known Nigerian music icon named Wizkid, has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Social Media

@official_tifebalogun Instagram account for Boluwatife Balogun is often used for his activities. He promotes his brand mostly on Instagram, where he has over 250,000 followers. Tife also frequently uploads videos.

  • Instagram: @official_Tifebalogun
  • Facebook: Boluwatife Balogun

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