Guinness World Records: List of Nigerians Featured in the Coveted GWR

Posted By Kaptain Kush

Let’s take a moment to marvel at the incredible achievement of Hilda Baci, who has defied all odds and broken the record for the Longest Cooking Marathon by an Individual. With sheer determination and unwavering passion, she surpassed her initial goal of 97 hours and triumphantly reached the awe-inspiring milestone of 100 hours. Today, we spotlight the extraordinary Nigerians who have left an indelible mark on the global stage, setting their sights on greatness and daring to dream.

These remarkable individuals have shattered barriers, surpassed expectations, and etched their names into the prestigious Guinness World Records. Their exceptional accomplishments serve as a beacon of inspiration, igniting the fire within countless others to pursue their own dreams and reach unprecedented heights.

Among these exceptional Nigerians, we find those who fearlessly aimed to surpass existing records, surpassing their own previous achievements and those who proudly remain undefeated in their respective fields. Each one has carved out a unique path, leaving an extraordinary impact on the world around them.

From the legendary music maestros like Fela Kuti and Wizkid, whose melodies resonate through the ages, to the mesmerizing dancers like Kaffy and Pinki Debbie, who effortlessly blend grace and rhythm, to the record-breaking turntable wizards like DJ Obi and DJ Venum, who spin beats that electrify and captivate, this list celebrates the astonishing accomplishments of these Nigerian trailblazers. They have etched their names in the prestigious Guinness World Records, forever solidifying their place in history as pioneers of their craft.

1. Rema

Rema, the sensational music prodigy, propelled himself to unparalleled heights with his smash hit single, Calm Down. This remarkable achievement etched his name in the annals of history as he claimed the coveted title of securing the inaugural No.1 position on the esteemed Official MENA Chart. This groundbreaking regional streaming chart, introduced by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry on November 29, 2022, showcased the unrivalled talent of Rema, capturing the hearts of audiences across the Middle East and North Africa.

2. Wizkid

Wizkid, the music maestro of Africa, achieved a remarkable milestone by amassing an impressive total of eight All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) by 2021. These accolades, bestowed upon him for his exceptional artistry, included three prestigious Artist of the Year titles in 2016, 2017, and 2021.

His musical prowess extended beyond his triumphs as he secured three coveted Song of the Year honours. In 2017, his collaboration with the renowned Drake on the infectious track Come Closer earned him a prestigious accolade. The year 2019 witnessed the undeniable magnetism of his scintillating hit Fever, which garnered well-deserved recognition. And in 2021, Wizkid weaved a melodic masterpiece with the enchanting Essence, featuring the ethereal vocals of Tems, solidifying his position as a musical genius.

3. Tuedon Morgan

Tuedon Morgan embarked on an awe-inspiring journey fueled by a burning desire to reclaim her health and defy the boundaries of human achievement. Little did she know that her personal quest would lead to extraordinary triumphs, etching her name into the annals of athletic history.

With sheer determination, Tuedon Morgan set out to achieve the fastest time to run a half marathon on each continent, as well as conquer the formidable North Pole Marathon. In an astounding display of speed and endurance, she shattered records by completing this incredible feat in a mind-boggling 62 days, 12 hours, 58 minutes, and 49 seconds, spanning from February 8th to April 12th, 2015.

Not only did Tuedon Morgan secure the record for the fastest time to run a half marathon on each continent (female), but she accomplished this remarkable feat in 10 days, 23 hours, 37 minutes, and 8 seconds. Her unwavering determination and spirit propelled her to conquer the challenges before her, leaving a lasting legacy in the realm of athletic greatness.

4. Chinonso Eche

Chinonso Eche, a true maestro of the football world, recently accomplished a remarkable feat that has left fans and onlookers in awe. With his exceptional skills and unwavering focus, he shattered the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive football touches in one minute while expertly balancing the ball on his head.

On a momentous day, February 1, 2023, Chinonso Eche displayed his incredible talent on the grand stage of Lo Show Dei Record in the vibrant city of Milan, Italy. With each touch of the ball, he surpassed his previous record by an impressive 22 touches, leaving spectators mesmerized by his precision and finesse.

Astonishingly, Chinonso Eche achieved a total of 133 consecutive touches, a testament to his exceptional control and mastery of the game. His remarkable achievement has secured his place in the prestigious Guinness World Records and established him as a true icon of football.

5. Sandra Ikeji

Sandra Ikeji, an adventurous soul with an insatiable thirst for breaking barriers, orchestrated a wedding extravaganza that left jaws dropping and hearts racing. Determined to etch her nuptials into the fabric of record-breaking history, she set out on a remarkable quest to gather an awe-inspiring bridal entourage like no other.

As the day unfolded, Sandra Ikeji‘s vision materialized in all its glorious splendour. Standing at the epicentre of this momentous occasion, she radiated a sense of enchantment, for her bridal train was not a mere handful but a staggering legion of 200 bridesmaids. A breathtaking assembly that blended cherished confidantes, beloved kinfolk, and stunning models hailing from her prestigious agency.

With every step Sandra Ikeji took towards her beloved Arinze, she was surrounded by a symphony of femininity, an awe-inspiring mosaic of ethereal beauty and support. Each bridesmaid, a celestial star in her own right, lent an air of grandeur to the occasion, creating an exquisite tapestry of elegance and grace.

6. Kaffy

In 2006, something remarkable unfolded in the world of dance—a moment that would forever etch the name of Kaffy and her incredible team, Imagneto Dance Company, into the revered halls of the Guinness World Records.

With unyielding determination and a shared vision, they embarked on a journey to push the boundaries of human potential and ignite the dance floor with unparalleled energy. During the Nokia Silverbird Danceathon, they would seize the opportunity to leave an indelible mark on history.

For an astonishing 55 hours and 40 minutes, Kaffy and her comrades unleashed a torrent of dance moves, defying the limitations of physical endurance and captivating all who bore witness to their awe-inspiring performance. Their bodies became vessels of artistry, seamlessly blending grace and skill in a mesmerizing symphony of movement.

7. DJ Obi

In the remarkable year of 2016, DJ Obi etched his name into the annals of music history with a feat that defied expectations and captivated the world. A tale of determination and passion unfolded as he embarked on a momentous journey to break the Guinness World Record for the Longest DJ Set.

With unwavering dedication and a burning desire to push the boundaries of what was possible, DJ Obi took centre stage and embarked on an epic musical odyssey. From the 22nd of June to the 1st of July, he delved into a marathon of beats and melodies that would test his endurance and showcase his artistry.

For an awe-inspiring duration of 240 hours, DJ Obi commanded the turntables with energy, seamlessly blending genres and captivating audiences with his masterful selections. Time became an abstract concept as he rode the waves of rhythm, captivating hearts and minds with each carefully curated track.

8. DJ Yin

In 2021, the remarkable talent of Oyinmiebi Asu, known as DJ Yin, made an indelible mark on the global stage, earning her a well-deserved place in the prestigious Guinness World Records. With awe-inspiring dedication and a touch of magic, Yin claimed the title of the Longest DJ Set, a truly extraordinary achievement.

Immersed in the pulsating rhythm of the music, DJ Yin embarked on an extraordinary journey, captivating audiences with her seamless transitions and enchanting beats. She skillfully commanded the turntables for an astounding duration of 243 hours and 30 minutes, guiding the ebb and flow of melodies that filled the air.

9. Pinki Debbie

Pinki Debbie a name that reverberates through the corridors of dance history. In 2018, this remarkable individual carved her place in the esteemed Guinness World Records with a feat that left the world in awe. With her undeniable talent and unyielding determination, she shattered the existing record for the Longest Dance by an Individual.

At a mere 24 years old, Pinki Debbie embarked on a breathtaking journey, immersing herself in a dance marathon of unprecedented proportions. She moved and grooved for an astonishing 137 hours, her body a vessel of sheer artistry and boundless energy. With each step, each rhythmical sway, she captivated the hearts and minds of all who bore witness.

10. Bayode Treasures-Olawunmi

Bayode Treasures-Olawunmi, a true bibliophile and passionate lover of the written word, has etched his name into the prestigious Guinness World Records. With unwavering dedication and an insatiable appetite for reading, he has accomplished a remarkable feat—the Longest Reading Marathon.

Immersed in a world of books, Bayode Treasures-Olawunmi embarked on a captivating journey that transcended time. For an astounding 120 hours, he embraced the written word, indulging in a reading marathon that captivated the minds of all who witnessed his extraordinary endeavour.

With each page turned and each sentence devoured, Bayode Treasures-Olawunmi delved into a vast array of literary treasures, spanning genres, eras, and realms of knowledge. His steadfast commitment to the written word propelled him forward, transcending the boundaries of physical and mental endurance.

11. Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun

Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun, a Nigerian-American athlete, has etched her name in the annals of greatness with a remarkable feat. Picture this: an arena charged with anticipation as Tolu steps forward, ready to rewrite the record books. Brace yourself as we delve into her awe-inspiring achievement—the Heaviest Sumo Deadlift in One Minute among females.

With unwavering focus and steely determination, Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun embraced the challenge before her. The weighty 70-kilogram bar beckoned, proving the sheer power she was about to unleash. In that electrifying moment, she harnessed every ounce of strength to embark on an extraordinary display of physical prowess.

Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun‘s muscles coiled like springs with each sumo deadlift, unleashing explosive power. The bar trembled under the force of her sheer might as if in awe of her superhuman abilities. One after another, she defied gravity and conquered the weight, pushing herself beyond known limits.

The minutes flew by in a whirlwind of determination. Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun‘s form remained impeccable, her unwavering technique a testament to her unwavering dedication. And when the dust settled, the weight she had lifted amounted to an astonishing 3,080 kilograms—a monumental achievement that inspired spectators and fellow athletes.

12. Adetunwase Adenle

Adetunwase Adenle, a remarkable individual with multiple talents and passions, has etched his name in the prestigious Guinness World Records not once, not twice, but an astounding four times. His unwavering focus on empowering children has led him to accomplish extraordinary feats that testify to his dedication and ingenuity.

The first record-setting achievement occurred during the vibrant “Nigeria at 50 celebrations in 2010. Adetunwase Adenle spearheaded a grand endeavour, rallying 350 Nigerian children who willingly joined forces to create a painting of unparalleled scale. The result was a monumental artwork stretching an impressive 63.5 meters in length and soaring to a height of 49.3 meters. This breathtaking masterpiece not showcased the young participants’ immense artistic talent and symbolized unity, creativity, and the limitless possibilities that can be achieved when dreams intertwine.

Building upon this initial triumph, Adetunwase Adenle ventured into the realm of literacy, recognizing the power of reading to shape young minds. In 2011, he orchestrated a record-breaking gathering of 4,222 children, each immersed in the enchanting world of books. Together, they formed a formidable assembly, united in their passion for literature and collective knowledge pursuit. This extraordinary event set a record and ignited a love for reading among Nigerian students, inspiring them to embark on their own literary journeys.

Undeterred by the scope of his achievements, Adetunwase Adenle continued to innovate, focusing on hygiene and cleanliness. He orchestrated a gathering of children committed to handwashing in a remarkable display of unity and awareness. With a shared purpose and determination, they set a new record for the highest number of children simultaneously practising this vital habit. Adenle‘s efforts promoted cleanliness and fostered a sense of responsibility and well-being among the young participants, shaping their understanding of personal hygiene.

Lastly, during the joyous celebration of Lagos at 50Adetunwase Adenle unleashed his boundless creativity again. With an artistic vision that knew no limits, he crafted the largest post office stamp ever conceived, capturing the essence and spirit of Lagos. This larger-than-life creation symbolized the city’s rich heritage and served as a testament to Adenle‘s artistic prowess and ability to leave an indelible mark on the canvas of history.

13. Gbenga Ezekiel

In a remarkable October, the young and vibrant Gbenga Ezekiel stepped onto the grand stage to etch his name in the annals of greatness. A mere 16 years old, he was burning to transcend limits and claim his place in the prestigious Guinness World Records. With an audacious goal, he set out to break the record for the Most Skips on One Leg, a challenge that would test his mettle and ignite the world’s imagination.

With every leap, Gbenga Ezekiel defied gravity and defied the odds. His sinewy form gracefully propelled through the air, a mesmerizing display of agility and determination. Time seemed to slow as he relentlessly hopped, each skips bringing him closer to his goal and closer to rewriting history.

The seconds ticked away like the steady beat of a heart, and a hush fell over the crowd, captivated by the unfolding spectacle. Gbenga Ezekiel‘s energy surged through his veins, propelling him forward with focus. With every bound, he surpassed the previous record holder, the illustrious Rasel Islam of Bangladesh, whose feat stood at a commendable 262 skips in a single minute.

As the final seconds dwindled, Gbenga Ezekiel‘s spirit soared. He completed an awe-inspiring 265 skips, eclipsing the previous record and etching his name in the halls of legend. The crowd erupted in thunderous applause, their admiration mingling with a sense of awe at witnessing this young prodigy in action.

14. Godswill Akpabio’s Unity Choir

Within the embrace of Akwa Ibom’s enchanting beauty in Nigeria, a choir emerged to etch their names upon the grand tapestry of the Guinness World Records. The Godswill Akpabio‘s Unity Choir, a testament to unity and shared vision, embarked on a wondrous journey reverberating through time.

Gathered within the majestic Uyo Township Stadium, the atmosphere shimmered with anticipation as 25,272 souls united in a harmonious symphony. On that fateful December day, their voices intertwined to create an unparalleled chorus of carols, an offering of joy and celebration.

With a poised baton, the conductor beckoned forth the magic that lay dormant within the hearts of the choir. And with each persistent breath, they unleashed a melody that would transcend the ordinary, transcending the limits of imagination.

The First Noel, a cherished carol, resonated through the air, carrying the essence of Christmas wonder. Joy to the World followed suit, its jubilant notes swirling like confetti, infusing the stadium with unbridled merriment.

And there, amidst the harmonious embrace of voices, the timeless melody of O Christmas Tree found life, evoking memories of festive gatherings and flickering lights. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing rang out with ethereal beauty, its celestial strains inspiring a profound sense of awe.

Like a gentle lullaby, Once In Royal David’s City cascaded from their lips, a melody that whispered of tradition and the passage of time. And as the final chords of O Come All Ye Faithful reverberated, an indomitable crescendo swelled, uniting hearts and spirits in a collective celebration of faith and joy.

15. Harrison Chinedu

Chinedu Harrison, a Nigerian footballer of remarkable prowess, etched his name in the annals of sporting greatness by defying all odds and surpassing the boundaries of human achievement. With breathtaking finesse and an unwavering focus, he claimed the coveted Guinness World Record for the Farthest Distance Walked with a Football on the Head.

Picture the sceneChinedu Harrison, a paragon of athletic prowess, embarked on an awe-inspiring journey, where the ball nestled gracefully atop his head, never relinquishing its perch or embracing the solid ground beneath. Like a tightrope walker traversing a precarious path, he gracefully covered an astonishing distance of 48.040 kilometres, pushing his physical and mental boundaries to the limits.

16. DJ Venum

In the year 2018, something truly extraordinary unfolded in the world of music. DJ Venum, a visionary behind the turntables, etched his name into the annals of history by achieving a feat that would reverberate throughout the industry. With unmatched skill and an unwavering commitment to his craft, he shattered the barriers of what was thought possible, breaking the revered Guinness World Record for the Longest DJ Set.

Picture the scene: a vibrant venue brimming with anticipation as DJ Venum took his place at the helm, ready to embark on an epic sonic voyage. The air buzzed with excitement as he deftly manipulated the beats and melodies, creating an auditory tapestry that transcended boundaries. The crowd was spellbound, swaying in unison to the rhythm that flowed effortlessly from his fingertips.

17. Fela Kuti

Fela Kuti, the renowned musician and activist, stands tall as a record-breaking icon in musical mastery. With a career that spanned an impressive 23 years as a solo artist, he etched his name into the Guinness World Records with the title Most Studio Album Recordings Released. An astounding feat that showcases his unparalleled dedication and boundless creativity.

Throughout his illustrious journey, Fela Kuti, like a sonic sorcerer, conjured a staggering total of 46 albums. From the genesis of his solo career in 1969 to the final crescendo in 1992, he crafted a symphony of rhythm and lyrics that resonated with audiences far and wide. Each album, a testament to his artistic prowess and unyielding spirit, served as a melodic vessel for his powerful messages of love, liberation, and social consciousness.

Fela Kuti‘s music was not mere entertainment but a call to action, a harmonious battle cry against oppression and injustice. With his unique fusion of Afrobeat, jazz, and funk, he wove a sonic tapestry that captivated the hearts and minds of his listeners. His albums were not just collections of songs; they were sonic journeys, transporting listeners to a realm where music became a catalyst for change.

As we reflect on Fela Kuti‘s extraordinary achievement, we are reminded of the transformative power of music. His records go beyond numbers and charts; they represent a legacy of artistic fearlessness and a relentless pursuit of truth. Fela Kuti‘s music continues reverberating through time, inspiring generations of artists and activists to use their creative expression for positive change.

18. Bayo Omoboriowo

Bayo Omoboriowo, a Nigerian photographer with an innate artistic prowess, contributed to creating a colossal masterpiece that defies conventional boundaries. Collaborating with TheJTAgency and the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he played a pivotal role in fashioning the largest photo book ever conceived.

This awe-inspiring achievement is a testament to human imagination and creativity, as the mammoth photo book spans an astonishing 60.84 square meters (654 square feet and 87 square inches). Within its sprawling expanse, the essence of Nigeria is captured, meticulously curated through the discerning lens of Bayo Omoboriowo. This remarkable endeavour showcases the intersection of artistry and audacity, resulting in a creation of unparalleled magnitude.

Located in the vibrant city of Abuja, Nigeria, this monumental endeavor came to life. On September 30, 2021, the Guinness World Records, renowned for their meticulous scrutiny, officially recognized and verified this remarkable feat. The validation bestowed upon this extraordinary project signifies the remarkable craftsmanship and limitless potential within its pages.

Bearing the evocative title Discover Nigeria, this colossal photo book serves as a gateway into the rich tapestry of Nigeria’s cultural heritage. Each turn of the page reveals a captivating journey through the nation’s diverse landscapes, immersing readers in a visual narrative that transcends borders and languages. Bayo Omoboriowo‘s expert eye captures the essence of Nigeria, encapsulating its vibrant colours, textures, and stories within the pages of this extraordinary creation.

19. Lucy Ejike

Lucy Ejike, a formidable para powerlifter, has etched her name in sporting history with her extraordinary displays of strength. Her remarkable feats have left spectators in awe and earned her well-deserved accolades.

On September 20, 2004, during the Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece, Lucy Ejike made a resounding impact in the women’s -44 kg category. With sheer determination and unwavering focus, she lifted an astonishing 127.5 kg, setting a new record and clinching the gold medal. Her triumph was a testament to her unwavering dedication and indomitable spirit.

Not content with resting on her laurels, Lucy Ejike continued pushing her capabilities’ boundaries. In the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she sought to conquer new heights in the women’s -61 kg category. With grace and tenacity, she astounded the world by lifting an impressive 142 kg, securing another gold medal for Nigeria.

20. Joy Onaolapo

Joy Onaolapo, a great Nigerian Paralympic powerlifter, etched her name in the history books with a breathtaking display of strength and determination. She showcased her unparalleled skill and resilience when she competed in the women’s -52 kg category at the prestigious Paralympic Games in London, UK, on September 1, 2012.

Amidst the electric atmosphere of the event, Joy Onaolapo stepped onto the grand stage with unwavering focus. With eyes fixed on the weight before her, she summoned every ounce of her inner strength and unleashed a remarkable feat of power. She lifted a staggering 131 kg with sheer determination, defying gravity and overcoming all obstacles.

The crowd erupted in a symphony of cheers, their admiration echoing through the arena as Joy Onaolapo celebrated her gold medal victory. Her achievement resonated far beyond the realm of sports, serving as a testament to the unyielding human spirit and its ability to triumph over adversity.

21. Bose Omolayo

Bose Omolayo, a formidable Paralympic powerlifter, left the world in awe with her extraordinary feat in the -79 kg category. During the highly anticipated World Para Powerlifting Championships in Tbilisi, Georgia, on that momentous day of December 2, 2021, Bose unleashed her incredible strength and set a new world record that would resonate through the ages.

The stage was set, the crowd held its breath, and Bose Omolayo stood before the barbell, her determination radiating from every fibre of her being. With unwavering focus and steely resolve, she gripped the barbell, ready to conquer the weight before her. Time seemed to stand still in that fleeting moment as the weight of expectations melded with her indomitable spirit.

As the world watched in anticipation, Bose Omolayo summoned her inner power and unleashed a display of strength that defied comprehension. With sheer determination, she lifted a staggering 144 kg (317 lb 7 oz), shattering the previous records and etching her name in the annals of powerlifting history. The crowd erupted in thunderous applause, their cheers echoing through the arena, a testament to Bose‘s unparalleled achievement.

22. Paul Kehinde

Paul Kehinde, a formidable force in Paralympic powerlifting, etched his name in the annals of history with a remarkable feat of strength. In a moment that captivated the world, he shattered the record for the heaviest lift in the -65 kg category.

On that memorable day, amidst the electric atmosphere of the 9th Fazza 2018 World Para Powerlifting World Cup in Dubai, Paul Kehinde stood resolute, ready to surpass his own limits. The weight of the barbell, inconceivable to many, held no fear for him. With unwavering focus and unwavering determination, he embraced the challenge before him.

With bated breath, the audience watched Paul Kehinde approach the barbell, his sinewy arms prepared to conquer the formidable weight. He defied gravity with sheer power and unwavering will, lifting an astounding 221 kilograms (487 lb 3.5 oz). The crowd erupted in thunderous applause, paying homage to his extraordinary achievement.

23. Ajibola Adeoye

Ajibola Adeoye, an extraordinary athlete on the Paralympic stage, etched his name in the annals of history with an incredible display of speed and prowess. Behold, for he holds the esteemed record for the swiftest run in the men’s 100 meters within the revered T46 classification.

Cast your mind back to that momentous day when the Paralympic Games unfolded in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. Ajibola Adeoye positioned himself at the starting line in a mesmerising burst of kinetic energy, his every muscle primed for action, anticipation coursing through his veins like liquid lightning.

With a thunderous crack, the starting pistol unleashed the competitors, propelling them forward with an explosive burst of power. Ajibola Adeoye, a force of nature unleashed, surged forth with a resolute determination, his body a finely-tuned instrument of speed and agility.

His legs propelled him forward in a symphony of motion, devouring the distance with each graceful stride. Time seemed to bend to his will as he raced towards the finish line, leaving a wake of awe in his path. The crowd, captivated by the unfolding spectacle, breathed in anticipation of a new milestone.

And there it was, captured in the unforgiving embrace of the chronometer—a breathtaking 10.72 seconds, a testament to Ajibola Adeoye‘s unparalleled swiftness and unwavering focus. The stadium erupted in a tidal wave of applause, a thunderous adulation symphony reverberating through the air.

24. Folashade Oluwafemiayo

Folashade Oluwafemiayo, a Paralympic powerlifting marvel, left an indelible mark on the annals of sports history. In the illustrious realm of the women’s -75 kg category, she showcased her remarkable strength at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, UK. Amidst a field of formidable competitors, she captured a coveted silver medal, a testament to her exceptional skill and unwavering determination.

However, her story didn’t end there. On that same remarkable day, an astonishing feat awaited Folashade. With her resolve unyielding and her spirit aflame, she defied the limits of possibility by hoisting a colossal 148 kg, shattering records and leaving a trail of awe in her wake. Such audacity and strength propelled her into the realms of legend.

But the embers of Folashade Oluwafemiayo‘s ambition continued to burn bright. In 2021, she embarked on a new quest to surpass her monumental achievements. At the esteemed World Para Powerlifting Championships in Tbilisi, Georgia, she etched her name again in the pantheon of powerlifting greatness.

With a steely gaze fixed on the weight before her, Folashade Oluwafemiayo summoned every ounce of her being. The barbell groaned under the weight of her determination as she unleashed a thunderous force, lifting an extraordinary 152.5 kg. In that remarkable instant, records tumbled, and a new pinnacle was reached in the women’s -86 kg category. The echoes of her triumph reverberated through the arena, inspiring all who witnessed her phenomenal display of strength and resilience.

25. Chukwuebuka Ezugha, Victor Richard Kipo, & Vincent Okezie

Chukwuebuka Ezugha and Victor Richard Kipo, two Nigerian football wizards, etched their names in the annals of sporting glory with a series of mind-boggling records. Their dazzling skills and uncanny precision have left spectators in awe, marvelling at their extraordinary abilities on the pitch.

In a display of unparalleled teamwork, Chukwuebuka and Victor embarked on a mission to redefine the art of ball control. Their breathtaking coordination and telepathic understanding enabled them to shatter the record for the most consecutive passes between the head and soles. The world stood witness as they executed an astounding 252 passes in March 2022, leaving pundits and fans alike astounded by their seemingly effortless synergy.

But these trailblazers didn’t stop there. Driven by an insatiable desire to push the boundaries of their craft, Chukwuebuka Ezugha and Victor Richard Kipo set their sights on a new challenge – the record for the most consecutive passes using their nimble soles. Like dancers in a mesmerizing ballet, they mesmerized the crowd with 198 flawlessly executed passes. Every touch was a testament to their unrivalled mastery, captivating spectators with their artistry and grace.

Not content with conquering the air and the ground, the dynamic duo and their teammate Vincent Okezie embarked on a breathtaking display of balance and precision. Scaling new heights, they set the record for the most consecutive passes between head and soles while perched on the back of another player. The audacious feat saw them execute a mind-bending sequence of 129 passes, leaving onlookers spellbound by their astonishing coordination and fearless acrobatics.

Victor Richard Kipo took centre stage in a moment of individual brilliance, proving his mettle as a solo artist. Like a virtuoso wielding his instrument, he mesmerized the audience with an assault on the record for the most football passes between the head and soles in a minute. In a display of lightning-fast reflexes and impeccable technique, Victor orchestrated a symphony of 35 passes, leaving spectators breathless with admiration.

26. Tobi Amusan

Tobi Amusan, the embodiment of lightning speed and unwavering grace, left an indelible mark on the prestigious stage of the 2022 World Championships. With unwavering resolve and the precision of a master artisan, she unleashed a symphony of athleticism that reverberated throughout Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

In a breathtaking display of athletic prowess, Tobi Amusan soared over each hurdle with the agility of a gazelle in full flight. Each bound was a testament to her unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of perfection. As the seconds ticked away, the world held its breath in anticipation, witnessing a record-breaking performance that would transcend the boundaries of human potential.

With a burst of speed that defied the laws of physics, Tobi Amusan blazed through the finish line, stopping the clock at an astonishing 12.12 seconds. The air crackled with excitement as her time echoed through the stadium, etching her name in the annals of history. She had shattered physical and metaphorical barriers and emerged as the new guardian of the world record.

But Tobi Amusan‘s journey needed to be completed. Fueled by an insatiable hunger for victory, she pressed on, channelling her energy into claiming the ultimate prize – the coveted Gold medal. She unleashed a symphony of motion with each stride, leaving her competitors in her wake. The crowd’s roar reached a crescendo as Tobi ascended the podium, her face adorned with a radiant smile that mirrored her triumph.

27. Joshua Usoro

Team Joshua Usoro, an ensemble comprising Joshua Jason UsoroNelson IkukpuChristopherEsiri DavidKada ShammahOtum JoshuaNelson StevenAlicePaul SnehJanet JiyaChizzyAbayomi OyebanjiTrustModesolaKivystonAmos, and Shazam, set their sights on rewriting the dance marathon record books. Their vibrant spirits and captivating names spoke volumes about the energy they brought to their awe-inspiring feat.

In Lagos, Nigeria, on a memorable day, April 6, 2019, these passionate individuals embarked on a marathon relay celebrating the art of dance. They embraced the rhythm and movements that resonated deep within their souls with unwavering determination.

For an astounding duration of 53 hours, 28 minutes, and 47 seconds, their synchronized steps and graceful spins became a testament to their unwavering commitment to their craft. Every footfall, twist, and twirl painted a vivid picture of their collective talent and unwavering passion.

28. Yakubu Adesokan

Yakubu Adesokan, a true powerhouse in Paralympic powerlifting, left an indelible mark on the world stage with an astounding accomplishment. Picture this: in the vibrant city of London, United Kingdom, during the esteemed Paralympic Games on August 30, 2012, Adesokan embarked on a journey that defied expectations and redefined what seemed possible.

With a sculpted physique and an unwavering spirit, Yakubu Adesokan took centre stage, where champions rise, and legends are born. As the weightlifting arena buzzed with anticipation, the atmosphere crackled with energy. All eyes were fixed on the colossal task at hand.

Determination etched on his face, Adesokan stood before the barbell, symbolising the immense challenge ahead. In a display of sheer strength and unwavering focus, he summoned every ounce of his being to conquer the seemingly insurmountable.

In an awe-inspiring display of power, Yakubu Adesokan defied gravity and pushed the boundaries of human capability. With unwavering determination, he lifted an astonishing 180 kilograms, shattering the existing record in the men’s -48 kg category. The weight rose like a phoenix, defying the force of gravity and leaving the audience breathless.

29. Haruna Abdulazeez

Haruna Abdulazeez, an extraordinary athlete from the vibrant city of Kano, Nigeria, etched his name into the record books with a mesmerizing feat of skill and control. With a flick of his wrist and a steady hand, he achieved a remarkable record for the longest time controlling a tennis ball with a racket frame.

On that unforgettable day, the air crackled with anticipation as Haruna Abdulazeez took centre stage. With unwavering focus and a touch of magic, he embarked on a captivating journey, guiding the tennis ball with precision and finesse. The crowd held their breath, their eyes fixed on the mesmerizing display unfolding before them.

As the minutes turned into hours, Haruna Abdulazeez remained undeterred, his determination driving him forward. His hands danced with the ball, seamlessly extending his will and expertise. With every touch, he showcased an innate connection between man and object, as if the racket frame was an extension of his very being.

Time seemed to stand still as Haruna Abdulazeez defied the limits of control, his skill and concentration never wavering. For an astounding duration of 2 hours and 15 minutes, he mesmerized the world with his ability to manipulate the tennis ball with grace and precision. Each delicate movement revealed the culmination of years of dedication and practice.

30. Stephen Keshi

Stephen Keshi, a revered figure in African football, etches his name in the annals of greatness as the youngest person to achieve dual glory in the Africa Cup of Nations as a player and a coach. At the tender age of 52 years and 10 days, Keshi weaves an extraordinary tale of triumph, defying conventional expectations and leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

The momentous occasion occurred on February 10, 2013, amidst the electric atmosphere of Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium, where Stephen Keshi stood tall as the head coach of the Nigerian national team. With a potent mix of tactical prowess, unwavering determination, and a deep understanding of the game, he guided his squad to the pinnacle of success, lifting the coveted Africa Cup of Nations trophy.

However, this moment of glory was one of many for Stephen Keshi. Two decades earlier, in the enchanting year of 1994, he had already etched his name as a player in the tournament’s history. As the captain of the Nigerian team, he led his compatriots to victory, showcasing his leadership skills and sheer talent on the field.

31. Goodness Nwachukwu

Goodness Nwachukwu, a formidable para-athlete, claimed her place in history with a remarkable discus throw. On a memorable day, August 4, 2022, during the Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham, UK, Nwachukwu showcased her extraordinary talent.

With a determined spirit and unwavering focus, Goodness Nwachukwu stood poised, ready to unleash her prowess upon the field. With a swift motion, she launched the discus into the air, propelling it with sheer force and precision. Its distance was nothing short of astounding, a remarkable 36.56 meters (119 feet 11 inches).

32. David Omueya and Cynthia Esella Dafinone

The Omueya and Dafinone family have left an indelible mark on the world of accountancy, etching their names in the annals of record-breaking achievements. Senator David Omueya and Cynthia Esella Dafinone, the proud parents, witnessed their lineage blossom into a constellation of chartered accountants, an uncommon feat that sets them apart.

Their three sons, Igho Omueya DafinoneEde Omueya Dafinone, and Duvie Omueya Dafinone, along with their two daughters, Daphne Omueya Dafinone and Joy Ufuoma Dafinone, have all ascended to the coveted ranks of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. This esteemed institution embraced them between 1986 and 1999, enveloping them in a cloak of recognition and distinction.

Such a remarkable achievement resonates with the spirit of their father, whose own membership in 1963 blazed a trail for his children to follow. The familial torch of excellence was passed down from generation to generation, igniting a fire within the hearts of the Omueya and Dafinone offspring, fueling their aspirations to conquer the realm of numbers and audits.

33. Arla Foods

Arla Foods, the renowned purveyor of delightful dairy products, hosted a remarkable event on the momentous occasion of World Milk Day. The enchanting setting of Muri Okunola Park in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, served as the backdrop for an extraordinary endeavour to etch its name in the annals of record-breaking achievements. The date was June 1, 2018.

The atmosphere was electric as 650 eager participants gathered, brimming with anticipation and a shared sense of purpose. Their mission? To embark on the longest drinks-pouring relay ever attempted. With spirits high and vessels in hand, they positioned themselves for this grand feat, ready to make history.

As the event commenced, synchronized motion swept through the crowd. Each participant took their turn, seamlessly passing the baton of liquid from one set of hands to the next. The air filled with the harmonious sound of cascading beverages as if the very essence of World Milk Day had come alive.

34. Dangote

Dangote Flour Mills Plc, a titan in the culinary realm, embarked on a remarkable culinary odyssey that left taste buds astounded and Guinness World Records shattered. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Lagos, Nigeria, their team of culinary virtuosos unleashed their culinary prowess in a quest for epicurean greatness.

With deft hands and a sprinkle of culinary magic, they transformed humble ingredients into delectable spheres of delight known as puff puffs. Flour, sugar, and a dash of their secret ingredient merged into a harmonious blend, giving birth to these golden orbs of indulgence.

The air crackled with anticipation as hot oil embraced the doughy morsels, creating a symphony of sizzling perfection. The team’s dexterity and finesse were on full display as they deftly mixed, kneaded, and shaped each puff puff with unwavering precision.

35. Guinness Nigeria Plc

Guinness Nigeria Plc, a beacon of innovation and audacity, embarked on a remarkable venture that awakened the world. In the heart of Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria, a team of artisans and visionaries united to craft a monumental masterpiece that would forever redefine the boundaries of possibility.

With meticulous precision and unwavering dedication, they wove together the threads of creativity, forming a gargantuan football shirt that defied all expectations. Stretching a breathtaking 73.55 meters wide and 89.67 meters long, this colossal garment stood as a testament to the indomitable spirit of Guinness Nigeria Plc.

From its intricate design to its vibrant colours, every inch of the fabric emanated a sense of majesty and grandeur. Like a canvas that breathed life, the shirt captured the essence of the beautiful game, mesmerizing onlookers with its magnificence.

As the news of this awe-inspiring achievement spread, it ignited a fire of inspiration in the hearts of football enthusiasts worldwide. The grand unveiling in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria, marked a pivotal moment in record-breaking history, etching Guinness Nigeria Plc‘s name among the innovation giants.

36. Cadbury Nigeria Plc

Cadbury Nigeria Plc, the esteemed purveyors of delectable treats, etched their name in the annals of record-breaking feats. Nestled amidst the vibrant streets of Lagos, Nigeria, a spectacle of epic proportions unfolded, capturing the collective gaze of all who chanced upon it.

With artistry and finesse, Cadbury Nigeria Plc conjured an inflatable marvel, a gargantuan bottle/jar that defied expectations. Rising to astonishing heights, it towered above the bustling cityscape, casting a spell of wonder and enchantment.

Reaching skyward, this monumental creation stood proud, stretching a remarkable 30.33 meters (99 feet 4.8 inches) in height. A veritable titan of craftsmanship, it embodied the essence of Bournvita, an elixir cherished by many for its delightful flavours and invigorating charm. Its colossal presence left onlookers mesmerized, their eyes aglow with astonishment.

Measured and duly noted on that momentous day, April 29, 2016, within the lively heart of Lagos, this larger-than-life inflatable jar became a testament to Cadbury Nigeria Plc‘s audacity and imagination. A symbol of boundless creativity, it beckoned passersby to embrace the extraordinary and revel in the possibilities beyond the realms of the ordinary.

37. Lifebuoy Team

The record for the “most people washing their hands” proudly belongs to the Lifebuoy Team and the federal government of Nigeria. This remarkable achievement unfolded on a memorable day at TBS Onikan, a bustling venue in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria. On October 14, 2011, a remarkable gathering of 37,809 enthusiastic individuals convened with a common purpose: to champion handwashing with soap and water in the ongoing battle against diarrhoea. Ecole de Dessin skillfully oversaw the masterful coordination of this record attempt, lending an air of expertise to the proceedings.

As the participants assembled, a palpable sense of anticipation filled the air, charged with a collective determination to safeguard public health and promote hygiene. With synchronized precision, the signal was given, and a wave of hands dipped into basins, marking the commencement of this momentous endeavour. The sound of water meeting soap reverberated through the crowd, echoing the resounding message of cleanliness and well-being.

38. Hilda Baci

Hilda Baci, a Nigerian hailing from Akwa Ibom State, has accomplished a remarkable feat in cooking. She has broken the record for the longest individual cooking time, clocking an impressive 100 hours. This achievement surpasses the previous record held by Indian chef Lata Tondon, who cooked for 87 hours, 45 minutes, and 00 seconds in 2019.

With her culinary skills and unwavering determination, Hilda Baci embarked on a culinary marathon that captured the attention of onlookers worldwide. Armed with a passion for cooking and a desire to push boundaries, she immersed herself in this gastronomic challenge.

Hilda Baci‘s dedication and expertise were fully displayed as time ticked away. Her skilled hands worked tirelessly amidst sizzling pans and a harmonious medley of ingredients. Each dish she crafted was a testament to her culinary artistry, showcasing her ability to harmonize flavours and create masterpieces.

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