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Donisha Rita Claire Prendergast (born December 29, 1984) is a remarkable personality hailing from the vibrant island of Jamaica. She encompasses a myriad of artistic talents as a poet, activist, model, actress, and artist. Beyond her illustrious pursuits, she carries the powerful legacy of her esteemed grandfather, the iconic Bob Marley, whose music and activism inspire generations.

In fashion, Donisha Prendergast effortlessly captivates as a sought-after muse, gracing the runways for esteemed brands like Nike and Adidas. Her presence illuminates the camera lens, radiating a magnetic allure that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Yet, her artistic journey extends far beyond the catwalk and into storytelling. Through her performances in films and television shows, most notably the acclaimed RasTa: A Soul’s JourneyDonisha breathes life into captivating characters, weaving narratives that touch the hearts and minds of viewers.

However, her passion for uplifting marginalized communities remains at the forefront of her endeavors. Donisha Prendergast utilizes her platform to empower and amplify the voices of those often unheard, advocating for social change and inclusivity. She nurtures her Jamaican heritage with grace and determination, infusing her artistry with a deep-rooted sense of purpose.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Donisha Rita Claire Prendergast
Stage Name: Donisha Prendergast
Born: 29 December 1984 (age 39 years old)
Place of Birth: Jamaica
Education: University of Miami
Nationality: Jamaican
Height: 1.61 m
Parents: Sharon Marley, Peter Prendergast
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: Komi Olafimihan
Boyfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Occupation: Actress • Model
Net Worth: $500,000-$1 million

Early Life & Education

Donisha Prendergast, born Donisha Rita Claire Prendergast on December 29, 1984, carries an extraordinary lineage intertwined with the rich tapestry of music and activism. As the granddaughter of the legendary reggae icon Bob Marley and the maternal descendent of Rota Marley, her roots are deeply embedded in the realm of creativity and cultural heritage. Her parents, Sharon Marley, an actress, and Peter Prendergast, a FIFA soccer referee, further enriched her upbringing with diverse influences.

From an early age, Donisha was immersed in the vibrant world of music, attending concerts and festivals alongside her family, straddling the realms of Jamaica and the United States. Despite her renowned lineage, she embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery, carving her own path and forging her unique identity.

Her pursuit of knowledge led her to the shores of Canada, where she delved into film and media at the university. Armed with her newfound skills, Donisha Prendergast emerged as a filmmaker and activist, championing causes close to her heart and shedding light on the plight of marginalized communities worldwide. Her passion for social justice and equality propelled her to utilize her platform and amplify often silenced voices.

Within her illustrious family, Donisha is surrounded by talented individuals. From her maternal side, she shares a kinship with renowned figures such as Julian Marley, a gifted singer; Cedella Marley, a force in the fashion world with her thriving clothing line; and Stephen Marley, a celebrated producer. Collaborating with her kin, she co-produced a poignant documentary, delving into the legacy of her grandfather, Bob Marley. Inspired by her family’s heritage, she is driven to utilize her gifts and resources for the betterment of society. Norval MarleyCedella BookerLeroy Anderson, and Cynthia Jarrett are her great-grandparents.

On her paternal side, Donisha Prendergast shares connections with notable figures like Tessa Prendergast, a renowned designer, cinematographer, and producer Scotty Welborn. Furthermore, Bernard L. Prendergast, the esteemed Jamaican Olympic medallist, adds another layer of distinction to her family tapestry. These diverse influences have undoubtedly shaped Donisha‘s artistic endeavors and cultivated a unique perspective on the world. She eloquently articulates the importance of embracing one’s heritage while advocating for intersectionality and allyship in the ongoing struggle for social justice.

Continuing her quest for knowledge, Donisha Prendergast pursued higher education at the University of Miami, where she immersed herself in film and sociology. The social justice movement on campus became a catalyst for her activism, widening her understanding of systemic injustices and igniting a burning desire to be a voice for the marginalized. Armed with her filmmaking prowess, she remains committed to amplifying the voices often overlooked by mainstream media.


Donisha Prendergast, a true Renaissance soul, has left an indelible mark across diverse artistic spheres. From her poetic verses to her mesmerizing presence on the runway, she effortlessly embodies the essence of an activist, a model, and an actress. Graduating with an insatiable hunger for storytelling and social change, she embarked on a remarkable journey, crafting breathtaking documentaries and short films that shed light on pressing societal issues.

Yet, Donisha‘s foray into modeling and acting goes beyond surface-level glamour. She fearlessly challenges society’s narrow beauty standards, using her influential platform to champion body positivity and inclusivity. She radiates a profound sense of purpose and unyielding determination in the limelight.

With grace and passion, Donisha Prendergast graced the stages of the esteemed Jamaican production company Jambiz, captivating audiences with her transcendent performances in renowned plays like Cindy Relisha and the DJ PrinceThe Final Stand, and Puppy Love. But her impact stretches far beyond the footlights, as she fervently advocates for social justice and education, inspiring a generation to pursue their dreams and make a tangible difference in the world.

Donisha‘s presence has not gone unnoticed, adorning billboards and captivating the pages of newspapers both in the United States and the Caribbean. She has artfully collaborated with esteemed artists such as Morgan HeritageRita Marley, and Rik Roc in music videos, channeling her artistic essence into captivating visuals. 

A staunch advocate for women’s rights, she has aligned herself with organizations combating domestic abuse and sexual assault, igniting conversations that bring about tangible change. In her commitment to environmental advocacy, she raises awareness about the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities, urging others to join her in preserving our planet.

Beyond the glamour, Donisha Prendergast has shared the stage with reggae legend Shaggy, their synergy creating an electric atmosphere that reverberates with pure joy. As the host of the illustrious Jamaican talent show Star Search at Traxx, her magnetic presence animates the space, enchanting both participants and spectators. Her unique blend of talent and charisma has earned her a well-deserved place among the luminaries of the entertainment industry.

Social Media

  • Twitter: Donisha Prendergast (@iamdonisha)
  • Instagram: Donisha Prendergast (@iamdonisha)
  • Facebook: Donisha Prendergast

Personal Life

Donisha Prendergast also values her personal life and relationships. She is a proud mother and often shares photos and updates about her son on social media. 

Donisha also enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures, inspiring her to use her platform to advocate for global issues such as immigration and refugee rights. Despite her busy schedule, she makes time for self-care and believes in the importance of caring for oneself to better serve others.

Donisha Prendergast is married to Komi Olafimihan.

Net Worth

Donisha Prendergast, the granddaughter of Bob Marley, has accumulated an estimated net worth of $500,000 to $1 million.

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