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Praise Mary Ella Simmons (born April 18, 2005) is a notable celebrity kid in the United States celebrity sphere. She has gained prominence as the youngest daughter of the late and revered American rapper Earl Simmons, famously known as DMX.

From the moment of her arrival, Mary Ella has captivated the attention of many, her name resonating with intrigue and curiosity. Yet, as she navigates the complexities of her burgeoning existence, the young star stands on the precipice of self-discovery, her path unfolding before her like an unwritten story.

While the spotlight casts its glow upon her, Praise Mary Ella Simmons ponders the vast possibilities at her feet, contemplating the road that will lead her to her true calling. With the world as her canvas, she embarks on a personal journey to unearth her passions, purpose, and the unique gifts within her.

Amidst the ebb and flow of fame’s currents, Praise Mary Ella Simmons embraces the enigma of her potential, embracing the inherent beauty of an uncharted future. As she charts her course through the labyrinth of life, she remains poised to carve her own path, crafting a narrative that speaks to her true essence.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Praise Mary Ella Simmons
Born: 18 April 2005 (age 19 years old)
Place of Birth: Texas, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.65 m
Parents: DMX, Tashera Simmons
Siblings: Xavier Simmons, Sonovah Junior, Tacoma Simmons, K’ydn Simmons, Exodus Simmons, Shawn Simmons, Aidyn Simmons, Sasha-Ann Simons, Aaliyah Simons, Jada Oden, Michelle Walton, Javon Wayne, Z’riyah Simmons, Emmanuel Simmons
Spouse: Not Married
Boyfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Occupation: Celebrity Kid
Net Worth: $12,000

Early Life & Education

Praise Mary Ella Simmons, a brilliant soul born on April 18, 2005, gracefully entered the world in the heartland of Texas, USA. Her lineage is adorned with musical brilliance, as she is the cherished offspring of the esteemed DMX and Tashera Simmons, her parents.

Within the tapestry of her ancestry, Praise Mary Ella Simmons embraces the love and wisdom of her paternal grandmother, Arnett Simmons, and her paternal grandfather, Joe Barker. The tapestry of her family extends further with cherished aunts named Shayla Simmons and Bonita Simmons, who grace her life with their presence.

In the tender embrace of kinship, Praise Mary Ella Simmons is nurtured alongside her three beloved biological siblings, Xavier SimmonsTacoma Simmons, and Shawn Simmons, who journey alongside her through the vast landscape of life. Yet, the tapestry of her familial bonds extends beyond the confines of biology, as she is also blessed with the warmth of 11 step-siblings.

Among Praise Mary Ella Simmons‘s cherished step-siblings are Sasha-Ann SimonsSonovah JuniorAaliyah SimonsExodus SimmonsAidyn SimmonsK’ydn SimmonsJada OdenMichelle WaltonJavon WayneZ’riyah Simmons, and Emmanuel Simmons. United by love and shared experiences, they form a vibrant tapestry of interconnected lives.

As Praise Mary Ella Simmons traverses the realm of education, she dances with enigmatic grace, holding her cards close to her heart. While her educational journey remains veiled in secrecy, whispers from the wind suggest that she may have graduated high school, embarking upon the precipice of her next endeavor—a step towards the hallowed halls of higher education, where she may continue to blossom and thrive.

Personal Life

No public information is available on Praise Mary Ella Simmons‘ romantic history. However, based on interviews and other public statements, she appears currently single and has never been in any form of relationship before. 

Simmons has spoken openly about her focus on her education and has not had much time for romance. Mary lost her father, DMX, on April 9, 2021. Her father died briefly after being rushed to the hospital following an acute heart attack resulting from a drug overdose.

Praise Mary Ella Simmons is not married and has no child.


Praise Mary Ella Simmons, the ethereal embodiment of youthful promise, keeps her future aspirations hidden, tantalizingly veiled in the mists of uncertainty. With the dainty brushstrokes of time painting her canvas, we, the eager spectators, await the unveiling her chosen path. Like a riddle wrapped in an enigma, the whispers of her career endeavors remain elusive, refusing to divulge their secrets.

Whispers of hearsay have reached our ears, hinting that Praise Mary Ella Simmons has already traversed the hallowed halls of academia, adorning herself with the mantle of a high school graduate. Now, her gaze turns toward the ivory towers of higher education, her heart aflame with the desire to quench her thirst for knowledge. The coveted realms of college beckon, promising to nurture her budding intellect and ignite the fire of her ambition.

In the present tapestry of her existence, Praise Mary Ella Simmons finds herself cast in the enchanting role of her late father’s prodigious progeny. With a curious twinkle in its eye, the world eagerly ponders whether she will embrace the harmonious footsteps of her rap maestro sire. Shall she, too, delve into the lyrical labyrinth of music, leaving an indelible mark upon the ever-evolving melody of her lineage?

However, amidst the vibrant tapestry of digital existence, Praise Mary Ella Simmons remains a spectral wisp, an elusive sylph lingering beyond the realms of social media. This deliberate choice, a testament to the wisdom of her astute mother, shields her delicate spirit from the prying eyes of the virtual domain. A cherished bloom must first unfurl its petals in the sanctity of privacy, nurturing its essence before blossoming in the radiant sunlight of public life.

Net Worth

Praise Mary Ella Simmons is believed to have an estimated net worth of $12,000. However, her source of income has yet to be confirmed at the time of filing this report.

Social Media

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